Since North Korea showed us that political freedom is so last century, we decided to take a closer look at what a totalitarian regime is and how it works. Well, we realized that there are so many ”advantages”  of a totalitarian regime that we really ”don’t understand” why people living in such a regime don’t like it.

First of all, you are being cultivated a sense of deep devotion to the state and you are encouraged to regard the ruler as a parent, so your dad’s basically the president! How cool is that?








Next, you live in a uniform society, so everybody’s TRENDY. You don’t have to spend long, boring hours with your wife at the mall and you don’t have to pay half your monthly paycheck for only one shopping session, so more money for…um…all the other stuff that you can’t buy due to the regime.








We in liberal, democratic states have to deal with horrible headaches every four or five years because we have to decide who to vote for on election day. We listen to boring confrontations of the candidates, we are trying to figure out which of them is telling a lie and which of them is telling only half a lie and in the end, we realize that we should have voted for someone else. You can’t even imagine the disappointment feeling you get when you realize you should have voted for someone else. You lucky bastards! You have no confusion when it comes to voting on election day!










Some people here in the free world think that the form of government you are living in is a poor and inefficient that. These guys really don’t know what they are talking about! You are perfectly capable to mount massive economic and military attacks on all your neighbors, keeping them alert day and night! How’s that for poor and inefficient? Shouldn’t they now have a second thought?

KCNA picture shows people at a rally to exhort the objectives that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un suggested in his New Year speech, at Kim Il-Sung square