1Texas only has a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. But if you are moving to the most expensive part of the state; Austin, you have to earn at least $23 dollar per hour to afford the rental cost. There are many austin texas apartments you can find these days but the challenge is on how to keep your expenses within your budget.

Texas ranks as 22nd most expensive states to rent a home, while Hawaii ranks the 1st, requiring an income of at least $35.20 per hour for one to be capable of renting a 2 bedroom house.  If you live somewhere in Austin, home rentals cost around $1,195 per month. This means your monthly pay must be at least $22.98 per hour.

Since 2009, Texas has a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. State lawmakers worked on raising it to $10.10, others would even want to have it doubled. Unfortunately, none of these made it to the governor’s desk this legislative session.

“360,000 Texans receive $7.25 per hour and even less”, claimed the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Big companies like McDonalds and Walmart recognized that such salary range wouldn’t sustain the worker’s needs. However, a lot of speculations have been raised on whether Texans can make ends meet when their salaries will be raised? What if still, this won’t be enough?

A person with a full-time job should be able to afford a place to live, transportation and food. In fact, a full-time job should mean self-sufficiency.

To solve the Texan’s economic issue, here’s what Celia Cole said; “a method has to be created which will determine what the people need to meet their needs”. Celia is a head of Feeding Texas; a non-profit organization.

According to Sylvia Blanco from the Austin’s Housing Authority, Texans must allocate 30% of their income to their house rental regardless of their pay. The other 30% must go to one’s food and the rest for other necessities. The rent increase is expected every 2 years. But there is a program that allows residents to save what they could have paid for a more expensive rent and such savings account can be used later.

Living in Texas can be as hard as it is in other states. However, if you are wise enough in your expenditure, you can make the most of what you earn, and hopefully stretch your meager income more.