Everyone may be a little curious as to what Kim Kardashian-West carries in North West’s diaper bag. Most people are curious, anyway, right? Well, Kim K doesn’t just carry baby items in the diaper bag but since little North West is now two and a half-years old; she also carries beauty accessories in the expensive diaper bag. I say expensive diaper bag because it is actually the most expensive item Kim K is carrying, a Birkin diaper bag, at that!

Now, the next most expensive things in Kim K-West’s bag, according to Yahoo, is her iPad. According to Kim, she has to have her iPad in her diaper bag or whatever other expensive bag she is carrying that day, so that little North can play her games on it. She also carries a $110 pink brush in the diaper bag to “tame North’s curls” as Kim puts it.

Now when Kim doesn’t feel like carrying her Birkin diaper bag, she has a smaller backpack she carries and throws a few diapers in it for the kids and some snacks for the kids. However, when she is carrying the diaper bag, she also carries a $30 pair of Minnie Mouse pajama’s for North, and a $20 unicorn backpack for North.

The Yahoo report states, Kim also has to carry snacks for when the kids get hungry while they are out. The snacks she carries include Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, Sun Maid Raisins, Black Forest Gummy Bears, and YumEarth Organic Lollipops.

As for North and what she wears to be as beautiful as her mother, Kim K has a very expensive fur coat that Kim and Kanye paid $3,500 for. It is clear that little North West is Kim’s daughter, all-day-long!

As for social media sites that Kim K posts on to share photos of her, her daughter, and little Saint West, her new son, she is getting hooked on SnapChat now and has been posting on there a lot lately. Her fans can even see a photo she took of little North sleeping with her flip-flops on with the caption from Kim saying,

Sleeping w shoes on! #normal #chooseoyourbattles

Although this isn’t the first time Kim has posted pics of her daughter taking a nap, little North West is just as active as any two-year-old would be. This is especially true now that she has a baby brother to play with, according to People. In fact, Kim K caught little North playing and hanging upside down from a desk while wearing a little red tutu. Kim captioned this photo with the words,

That’s a tough workout!

Back to little North falling asleep with her shoes on. According to Hollywood Life and Kim K, little North committed a fashion crime because she fell asleep with her shoes on! In fact, Kim seemed a little bit upset that North was so tired that she couldn’t be bothered to even take her shoes off before falling out on the sofa. However, Kim has it rather good when the worst thing that happens is that her daughter is too worn out to be bothered to take her flip-flops off before falling asleep on the couch.

What do you think about the expensive items Kim carries in her bag for little North? What do you think about little North falling asleep with her shoes on? Don’t you think that is so adorable? Why would Kim be upset about that? Surely, the shoes couldn’t be that dirty and if so, it shouldn’t have taken much to get a little bit of dirt off the couch after little North woke up!

[Photo by Youtube.com]