Owning a house with 7 bathrooms, 11 bedrooms, and a swimming pool seems to be a dream come true for most people but Kessler Mansion seems to prove that selling an ugly house can be such a challenge. For the 7th time, this was offered in the real estate market and still, no buyer ever showed interest in the property.

Kessler Mansion comes with a poker room, game room, large kitchen and huge lounge. And this is located on a 2,740 square meter lot. But despite all these, house hunters still turned up their noses. According to realtor.com, this house is unsellable, owing to its reputation as the “ugliest house in America”. Its Midwestern Vegas Versailles appearance and monstrosity did not help sell the property for $2.2 million dollars.

The home belongs to Jerry A. Hostetler; a famous pimp who died at 66 years old in 2006. He was named as “Mr. Big” by police authorities since he pleaded guilty for being in a prostitution business. The name defined Jerry as a person since he stands 185 cm tall with a weight of 227 kg.

Mr. Big only started with a 3 bedroom ranch but later bought his neighbors’ houses as well. The resulting architecture is repulsive with glass blocks, mishmash rough-hewn stone, rustic tile, round columns, wildly textured ceilings, shiny marbles and oddly shaped windows. The house also includes senseless undulating balconies.

The house fixtures and decors also seem to have gone wrong since 2012 up to the present. To prove that, Chad Folkening; the current owner of the property has listed it for 7 times with a selling worth of $2.2 million dollars but no one bought the property even when the cost was lowered to $875,000 dollars.

The ground of the house has 1.66 acres area with statues of undressed women, lions, dolphins, and gargoyles. It also has a nymph fountain, a polar bear statue, and a 183 cm tall mermaid but all these 3 were already sold to pay its creditors.

The house is currently owned by an Indian native named Chad Folkening. He used to rent then live in the place. Famous celebrities have also visited the property in the past including Baha Men who were famous for their “Who Let the Dog Out” song. They crashed the place once in their 2010 Midwest tour. Currently, the house can be rented through Air BNB for $450 per night.

“It’s very offensive to the eyes that we decided to plant a tree to block the mansion’s view from our home”, one of the neighbors said. And when a former broker was asked if the mansion will still be sold this was his reply to Indy Star; “It requires a person who has little personality with bold taste to be brave enough to live in this home”.