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Kim Davis; a county clerk in Kentucky was hold in contempt by the Supreme Court for not performing her job as mandated by the law. Due to her strong religious affiliation, she does not issue marriage license to same sex couple. And this Monday was the latest refusal she did to perform this part of her job.

When to same sex couple entered her office to ask for a marriage license, she openly defies the country’s decision to legalize same sex marriage. But for Kim, there is a higher law that she needs to submit to. She clearly stated which side she is in when someone asked her whose authority she is using and she simply replied with all confidence “under God’s authority!”.

Because of what she did, she was hold in contempt by the Supreme Court and will be fined heavily for her misconduct if she continues to refuse to issue the said license.

Why not just not fire her? “Kim Davis is an elected official and she can’t be fired. However, she can be impeached by the State’s legislature”, Ria Tabacco said; Staff Attorney on ACLU LGBT Project.

But as for Kim, she will stand to what she believes even if the whole world compels her to do otherwise.