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It took 5 years for Justin and Jessica to reach the altar. And the road to marriage is not as easy for them as it is with anyone else. His cheating as well as her neediness resulted to their breakup in 2011. But this is not the end of their story. For four months later, they reconciled and were finally married.

Their 5 years relationship prior to marriage has never been a bed of roses. Justin was accused of cheating with Kate Hudson in “Total Recall” as well as with Rihanna, Olivia Munn and many others. In April 2010, he accepted a role with his sexy ex on the film “bad teacher” where part of the movie is an awkward sex scene. This could have hurt Jessica more than ever. “I have no idea how they can survive this”, one of their friends once said. “Justin has lost his respect to Jessica since he often makes fun of her when she’s not around by talking against her to his friends”, she added. And as expected, the split happened in March 2011.

However, in July of the same year, both of these celebrities were spotted walking hand in hand in Toronto. And it was during their Jackson, Wyoming vacation where he offered her a 6 carat custom designed engagement ring. The most awaited day of their life finally arrived when both exchanged vows in marriage in a private venue in Southern Italy where only their family and close friends were invited. Eventually, they were gifted with a son. But many people have one same thought in their mind about the couple’s relationship; how long will their marriage last considering their rocky relationship in the past?

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Every couple has to go through rough times in their married life. And only those who dealt with their indifference well will manage to survive. Some may have a smooth sailing relationship but end up with a divorce. Others may start with a shaky relationship but lasted for many years in marriage. Some even get to the point of breaking up. But things can turn around as long as the couple is willing to work things out.  As they say, it takes two to tango and nothing will happen if only one partner is taking the effort to make things work.

Justin and Jessica is an ideal example of a couple who passed the roughest times of their married life. Once you have proven the strength of you relationship, no amount of challenges will ever set you apart, even in the presence of love and war.