Joey Feek died on March 4 and was laid to rest on March 13. Rory, daughter, family, and friends all said goodbye in a sweet memorial service. Everyone will remember this day always. You can see a video of the service below.

According to People, hundreds of Joey and Rory’s friends and family gathered at the Alexandria-Monroe high school gymnasium to remember her one more time and forever. No one will ever forget how she touched their lives. Joey was not just a beautiful woman on the outside and sang beautifully, but she was also beautiful on the outside and touched many people’s lives throughout the years she lived. She was only 40-years-old when she lost her long fight with cancer.

Rory posted about the service in his blog, “This Life I Live.” He talked about how he got to see family and friends he hadn’t seen in months and years. He talked about how the pastor who baptized Joey when she was a baby was there to do her service. There was also singing of Joey’s favorite songs throughout the beautiful memorial service. They even sang the songs she asked to be sung at her service and one of them was “Lean on Me.” Everyone joined in for that one.

Taste Of Country reported that some of Joey and Rory’s friends and family brought signs to pay their respect to Joey while others brought flame-less candles to do the same. Family friend, Bill Gaither was there to pay his respects and he had nothing but warm things to say about Joey, just like everyone else because she was such a beautiful woman, again, inside and out. While living, she did have many friends throughout the years she was on this earth.

The Pastor who lead the memorial and who also baptized Joey when she was young, Jerry Young, gave Joey’s high school varsity jacket to Rory and Rory put it on right away. Also, while Rory was on stage, he kissed Joey’s picture that was displayed there. He cried tears of sadness because she is gone from this earth but also cried tears of joy remembering their life together. Joey and Rory were so much in love!

Taste of Country also reported that Joey’s mom went up on stage and led everyone in a sing-a-long of “Close to Thee” which was another one of Joey’s favorite songs. This memorial service was held just five days after Joey Feek was buried and laid to rest at her family property in Tennessee.

After the memorial service was done, Rory took two-year-old daughter he shared with Joey, Indiana, back to where her mama was buried and the two stayed there for a while to talk about the little girl’s mama.

Joey was taken to her burial spot by two mules carrying her in a carriage with six cowboy’s walking along the casket. Just as Joey wanted it, Rory made sure everything was just the way she asked for.

So, now, everyone is wondering, what is next for Rory Feek now that his wife has passed and she was his singing partner? According to Taste of Country, Rory says, he will not return to singing for a while because all of his time will be spent taking care of their daughter, Indiana. He does have two older children that will help him out and if he ever wants to sing again, his daughter, Heidi might be his next singing partner since she did partner with him before when taking over for Joey one time. However, Rory is not interested in going back to singing for a while because he says he will have his hands full with little Indiana.

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