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Since the beginning of time, dogs are treated as men’s best friends. But how much are you willing to give to your fury friend? Some people who consider their dog as part of their family will invest for the best pet insurance regardless of the price. After all, love has no cost. However, for anyone on a tight budget, any expenditure matters, even if this is for the security of the dog’s health.

Medical expenses for dogs can be ceiling high. “Our dog went through series of laser surgeries and we spent $5,000 for its bills”, Herb Weisbaum of NBC News said. With today’s modern day technology, even cancer treatment and open heart surgeries can now be done on dogs as well. But all of these come with a price.

Though many homes own dogs, not all of them have sufficient income to spare for their pets’ possible medical expenses. In fact, in a survey conducted by the Associated Press, it showed that 41% of the country’s dog owners are worried that they may not be able to address their dog’s health issues when their pets get sick. But will a pet insurance resolve this issue? When Herb was asked this question, he did not answer “yes” or “no”. Rather, he is on the neutral said when he said, “it depends”. As with other types of expenses, your financial status has to be considered. Your willingness to invest for your “peace of mind” must be thought of as well.

The right pet policy will serve as an asset for your pet’s health care. This will create a major impact on its medical bill, especially during emergency situation”, veterinarian Jean Maixner said. “It’s horrible how some pet owners request for euthanasia simply because they can’t afford to pay their pets’ medical bills”, she added.  However, if the dog’s health is insured, you can always move forward with its needed medical treatment without worrying much on its expenses.

As expected, consumers have different insights when it comes to pet insurance. “Investing for a pet insurance just doesn’t make any sense at all”, Robert Krughoff said. A pet insurance may cost you at least $300 annually. This mean you have a total expenditure of $5,000 dollars on the dog’s health insurance for his entire lifetime. To some people, it is too big of an expense.

On the other hand, Consumer Reports made a comparison between the cost and payout of pet insurance. And the result showed that the pet’s insurance bills can be higher than the actual medical bills. Hence, this group profess that healthy animals don’t really need to be insured since it is not worth its cost. However, pet insurance companies argue that you can never be so certain about your pet’s health. After all, serious illness and accident are things that you can’t predict and they can happen to your precious pet anytime.