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To many people, a Dennis Hopper look has long been gone. Beards are esteemed as unhygienic. In fact, even considers it a health hazard.  Decent men are always thought as someone without a beard and having one can even mistake you as a criminal because of its attached antagonistic or hostile look. With this comes the question if beards are already a thing of the past?

Beards are not always bad at all. One example is Johnny Depp’s stylish beard that was recognized by as a rakish and Bohemian look that accentuates his good looks. If actors like Johnny Depp are taking advantage of beards to become blockbusters in many films then this means that beards are not really outdated at all.

There is one way to find out if beards still fits to today’s style and that is by resorting to Google Trend’s average monthly search results. Fewer search for beard related topics will validate the decline of the beard’s popularity in our days. Keyword Planner however showed that “beard styles” are searched up to 6,500 times on average every month. Any beard related topics have 360,000 to 550,000 searches every month. In America alone, there are many online visitors checking out beard related information online. And if you refer to Google Trend’s stats, searches on topics about beards are actually rising and not diminishing.

According to Huffington Post, searches for beards have grown even more from November 2015 to January 2016. This only goes to show that beards are not yet dead. It is still a part of today’s fashion despite others wrong notion about it.

Your beard however says a lot of things about you. Hence, deciding to have this entails a lot of responsibility on your part. This was validated by Huffington Post’s writer Curt Storring when he wrote; “If your beard appear too tired and dated, it sends a message that you ended up caring, even gave up paying attention to everyone around you”.  He further emphasized the important of being mindful to every detail of your beard since this part will make or break you. He said that people who don’t care about the details of their beards sends an impression that they don’t care in the details of their lives too.

Beards are not outdated. In fact, a lot of celebrities still have it. However, it can only work to your advantage if you are willing to pay the price.