Iraq is hoping that the American weapons will help in the fight with the Islamic State, as the Prime Minister of Iraq will ask President Barack Obama for a multi-billion US dollars’ worth of weapons. Iraq is interested in the weapons, but will ask for a delayed payment.



The Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi is concerned with the presence of terrorists of the Islamic State in the northern parts of the country. Last year, a large portion of northern and central Iraq was taken by the al Qaeda linked terrorists. The plummeted oil prices are not helping the Iraq’s military budget, creating a 21 billion US dollars deficit in 2015.

In his first visit to the United States, the Iraqi Prime Minister will try to convince the US government that more US military presence is needed in Iraq, as the US troops left the country in the end of 2011. The Iraqi army is now suffering heavy losses at the hands of ISIS.

One of the high Iraq officials, wishing to stay anonymous, said that “ISIS is everybody’s problem now,” adding that “You can’t run away from the problem if it comes to Canada or goes to France.” The statement was clearly aimed at the latest attacks by terrorists inspired by ISIS and al Qaeda. If Washington refuses to help Iraq, the country may be forced to turn to Iran for help, said the unnamed official. “If that’s not available, we’ve already done it with the Iranians and others.”