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Successful car dealer Woody Folsom is certain why customers keep on patronizing his auto dealership business and he is 100% sure this is not the internet.

Folsom sold around 1,500 brand new Chevrolets and many other GM vehicles last year. This includes 1,999 new Chryslers and 1,200 new Fords. And his secret? This is all that he has to say; “I don’t have any plans of using Facebook.  Putting a customer’s image on your Facebook page after purchasing $50,000 truck is nobody’s business”.

The rising numbers of Web Design and Internet Marketing Company options these days make entrepreneurs wonder if online ads are far better than the traditional TV, radio and paper commercials. If you are to ask car dealers about it, this is what they usually say; “traditional advertisements are still our top choice. Though many auto retailers and makers rave over online marketing, we still believe that TV. radio, fliers and newspaper ads still work better”. They further explained that clients always love to have the human touch. Customers just love these types of ads and to auto industry owners; they feel that the traditional method is their best choice.

“Well, you can blame it to my old fashioned style”, Folsom admitted. “And though many may think that I am not running my business in a modern way, I would say that I am seeing success in what I’m doing and it works well with me”, he added.

According to Borrell Associates, we can expect an investment of $2.1 billion on newspaper advertising. This is not surprising since this form of ad represents the second top advertising media, next to digital. This is the truth despite the claim of “iPhone-equipped America”. There was an allegation that there is a significant reduction in the newspaper readership with the advent of BuzzFeed, Instagram and Gawker. But for businessman Folsom, digital advertisement is still not as effective as its traditional counterparts.

Television ads are working well too as per owner of Carbondale’s Vic Koenig Shevrolet Vic Koenig when he said; “television ads are working well for us. In fact, we believe that similar results can never be delivered through internet marketing”.

Vic Koenig sells around 90 new vehicles each month. And for him, the success of his business is comparable to getting the lion’s share when it comes to ad budget.