The successful blockbuster, The Independence Day, will get the sequel it deserves, almost 20 years after the first science fiction spectacle was released in the theaters.


Roland Emmerich will direct the sequel, and the young actress Joey King posted a picture with the famous director on Twitter, captioning it with #IndependenceDay start filming with Roland Emmerich. To be exact, the Tweet said “Headed to start filming #IndependenceDay with @rolandemmerich and our wonderful producers!”

Roland Emmerich directed the original Independence Day in 1996, depicting an alien invasion scenario, which was a huge success. The famous director confirmed the beginning of the filming, by reposting the picture with the teenage actress, writing “New Mexico or bust! Less than two weeks until filming begins” under it.

The original movie raked a record 817.4 million US dollars, and won the Oscars for the best visual effects. The legendary scene which the movie is known for, is the scene where the aliens destroy the White House in Washington. With Judd Hirsch and Bill Pullman already confirming the re-appearance in Independence Day 2, alongside Jeff Goldblum, the sequel to the blockbuster will welcome the young star of “The Hunger Games”, Liam Hemsworth and the fore mentioned Joey King.

Unfortunately, the main star, Will Smith will not be appearing in the second part of the movies, after he stared the original as Captain Steven Hiller, the media reports. The Independence Day 2 is scheduled to be released in the movies in June next year, almost 20 years after the premiere of the original Independence Day.