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The shoot for the TV sitcom; “Parks and Recreation” put a toll on Chris Patt’s sex life. After this Jurassic Park actor gained weight, reaching 300 lbs. he said he felt fatigued, had erection issues and was emotionally depressed.

“I couldn’t have sex and felt so unhappy”, claimed Chris.

Chris Patt needs to gain weight for his acting role. This 35 years old Hollywood star, a father of a 2 year old boy and a husband to Anna Faris said that his health issues after gaining so much weight affected him in a major way. “Being fat is also bad for your system, skin, heart and spirit”, Chris said. “Getting fat is not that easy. I devoured 3-4 cheese burgers at every table to hit 300 lbs.”, Chris added.

In one of the interviews of Men’s Magazine with Chris, he admitted that he was shocked after watching an episode of Parks and Recreation. He couldn’t believe how he got so fat. And he finds his appearance very hilarious. He then felt the need to slim down so he can be fit for his starring role as a Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty.

“I was tasked to lose and gain weight to shoot different types of films. I shed excess weight for Moneyball. Then, I lost weight for another role in Zero Dark Thirty. But when I shoot for Andy, I was compelled to gain back the weight that I lost. However, when I saw Zero Dark Thirty, I promised myself that I will get in shape and will never gain more weight again”, Chris said.

Getting fit rewarded Chris in many ways, not only in his health but also in his career. He became Hollywood’s most wanted leading men. As a matter of fact, his movie; Guardian of the Galaxy was a blockbuster hit. His good looks in Jurassic World resulted to millions of adoring fans throughout the world. Who would ever think that this hunk was 300 lbs. heavy a few years ago?

To shed off excess fats, it required dedicated workouts for Chris coupled with a sudden diet change. This was not easy for Chris since his pastime activities with his wife; Anna had something to do with foods. “My wife will only eat a little but I would have to eat my entire share and the rest of my wife’s meal”, Chris recalled.

Today, Chris Pratt is happier with a fit body, good sex life, great career and better health.