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A charity was founded which aims to help low income women build confidence and land on a good job by training them for interviews and providing them decent outfit which they can use for their interview and for their work. They bear the name; Image Mission with a headquarter located in New York. This non-profit group helps women achieve economic self-reliance by giving them development tools, network support and professional attire.

Part of a woman’s nature is to desire to look good and feel good. Unlike men, they worry about many personal things like the color of their nails, their make-up and many others. Because of this, they like to shop at different fashion stores like Rockabilly Dresses by InspiredInsanity and many others. However, not everyone is blessed to have the capacity to spend to sustain their fashion. That is why Image Mission came about.

In Tai Sen office, a 93 square meter office appeared like a shopaholic’s paradise. Here, you will find Zara jackets, Salvatore Ferragamo foot wears and Armani dresses. And surprisingly, all these signature apparels are to be given for free. They are part of Image Mission’s collection for distribution to women who need them most.

Image Mission is run by Ms Pang Li Kin, an image consultant for 10 years. This charitable institution was registered last August 26 and has helped a lot of women since then. The best thing about this organization is that it does not only give work outfits but also teach women to handle job interviews.

Ms. Pang could not realize Image Mission without the help of her 25 volunteer career coaches and stylists. “Out of all women we have helped so far, half of them ended with a good job. And this has inspired us to continue with our endeavor”, Ms. Pang stated. “For now, we are helping other women so they too can end up doing better on their next scheduled interview”, she added.

Ms. Pang’s commitment to help empower women is deeply rooted on her belief that looks can transform people and she has proven this many times in her field of work.

“Many women have self-esteem issues. They fret about not having the needed work experience or not having the right qualifications”, Ms. Pang said. “My heart was moved when one of the women we helped told me if her shoes are too nice for her. I told her it looks perfect for her and that she’s worth wearing it”, she added.

As for now, Ms. Pangs hopes that more donors would come and take part in their mission so Image Mission will thrive for many years to come.