Let’s face it; there are more people who would love listening to a rapper than reading serious boring posts. In fact, some still continue to listening to the beat of the song even if they find it hard to understand the lyrics. Can this be because listening to music is far better than taking the effort to read long stories? Well, I can’t blame these people. After all, it is easier to rap your mind out than telling a good story. Besides, even kids can rap well these days.

You can rap your heart out without limits or boundaries. In fact, the more vulgar your words are, the more listeners you can have as well. The “Da” art of storytelling has been trending nowadays that even the truth can easily be accepted through a cheesy star anthem used by famous artists. This is more accepted than their narrative story counterparts. Today’s artists took advantage of the people’s mindset too. They successfully crafted concoctions regardless if the public will accept them on not. Surprisingly, those who have tried to be different became today’s big icons in the music industry. Odd lyrics were adopted by listeners and are now included in the “slang dictionary”. And to stay with the trend, many sing words without any idea what these mean. As long as it is today’s “hip” then they just dig in.

Today there are many famous hip hop artists who have polished their skill well and thrive in their trade. They used this as their stepping stone to get what they want in life like wealth, power and prestige. Among them are Sean “Combs, Andre Young, Shawn Carter, Bran Williams and Curtis They earned millions in just one hit record that they did and still earn more on their other albums. Hence, they just prove that rapping is not just entertaining but this can make you wealthy as well. However easy rapping can be, this has sets of rules as it is with any other types of songs. You don’t need to have a golden voice to do it but at least you have to know how to go with the beat and blend some rhymes.

So if you are desperate to be a rapper then this video is best for you. Here you will be taught about the best way to deliver the message and still retain the beat of your “song”. Some people have the worse rapping styles ever. Hopefully, they get to watch this video one of these days.