Image from BCNN1
Image from BCNN1

Steve Harvey is not just a famous American TV host, comedian, actor, radio personality and author. He is the most popular Miss Universe host too. Who can ever forget his greatest hosting mistake when he announced Miss Columbia; Ariadna Gutierrez as Miss Universe 2015 instead of Miss Philippines; Pia Wurtzbach?

During their meeting to kick off the live telecast of Miss Universe this year in Fox, Harvey convened with groups of security experts and said; “If things go wrong at the end of the pageant, I will drop myself to a trap door where I will escape. This time, securities will need to look for someone like me to take over. Riding on a bakery truck, I’ll catch up a flight going back to United States where there will be no room for the security team”.  But of course, we know that this is another Steve Harvey jokes. Otherwise, this will never be shown as an opening number during the event.

When Miss Columbia was asked by Steve how their people feel about him, Miss Columbia answered him with another question; “Do you want to know the truth?”

Jokingly, Steve answered; “no just tell a lie”.

Miss Columbia finally answered fearlessly; “many people hate you”. But she also comforted Steve by saying; “I love you”. The rest of her answer was spoken in Spanish.   Steve humorously interpreted this as probably a death threat.

The mistake Steve did last year seem to be the highlight of this year’s pageant. Even the final candidates’ questions were relevant to this topic.  The competition was also started with a video on Steve’s “escape” plan in case the same error would happen. The Miss Universe host however assured the public that the same mistake won’t be repeated. In fact, Miss Universe 2015; Pia Wurtzbach handed him a reading glass even before he announced the winner.

He expressed his regret for what happened last year when he said; “I paid the price”. And to make sure it won’t happen again, he went through an eye surgery last year. His effort paid off though. When Miss France was declared to be the winner, Steve Harvey announced on live television that he finally made it right.

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