Hurricane Harvey is nothing but a nightmare to everyone in Texas. But the opposite is true for Aric Harding; a father who became a symbol of hope amidst all the devastating effects of the storm.

It’s been 6 months since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. A storm like this that caused $125 billion dollars damage is something that can never be forgotten. However, there is one person who looks at this incident with a positive outlook and that’s Mr. Harding from Friendswood Texas. In his area, 350 homes were destroyed but instead of grieving at the sight of his flood filled home, he did something that touched everyone’s heart.

5 days after the storm hit their place, Harding returned to their home. In his heart, he hoped he can retrieve even a few toys just to comfort his 7 children who stayed in the shelter for safety. One of his children is a passionate musician. Rylor; a 14 years old boy, was worried that they will lose one thing in their house that means a lot to him; their piano.

The sight of an intact piano brought gladness to Harding’s heart. So he started playing it while sitting on a bench which is above the waterline. In his Instagram post, he added the video with a caption; “Everything is sinking in a little. The city that we have is now gone. But I have the feeling that God is up to something new. And I look forward to witness the beauty beyond these sufferings.”

The video went viral before the day ended. And among those who watched it was the singer-songwriter; Vanessa Carlton. This Grammy-nominated artist tweeted CNN; “This story is of great importance. Where can I get his contact number? I wanted to replace his piano in case the old one doesn’t make it”.

The next scene is the exact opposite sight of a grieving family who just lost their home. Instead, on a fine Thursday morning, Harding drove to pick their new piano. His father; a veteran piano technician was there to help him with the selection process. Without him, Harding may need to read Kawai VPC1 review by or learn more about the top piano picks to end up choosing the right one.

“I have spent my whole life around pianos and being given a new one is so nice”; Harding said.

“After I have seen the video of Harding playing the piano, I find it hard to go back to my normal daily routine since his image can’t come off my mind. I am blown away by what I have seen”, Carlton said.

As their house was reconstructed, Harding said that their 10 years of stay there was all wiped by the storm. “But I think this is good since it gives our family a fresh start”; Harding stated.