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American Actor; Wentworth Miller experienced depression as an effect of a fat shaming meme. He became famous in his Prison Break film but had a low profile in 2010 because of this.

“I have been experiencing depression since my childhood years. This has robbed my time, affected my relationships, stole opportunities and caused me thousands of sleepless nights.” In 2010, Miller resorted to food in response to depression instead of sex, alcohol and drugs. His favorite meal has been the highlight of his week. And this resulted to significant gain of weight.

While Wentworth was walking in Los Angeles, a paparazzi captured photos of him and these photos were published everywhere branding him as “Hunk to Chunk”.

A person who is depressed will think, behave and feel differently. Such mood disorder will lead to feelings of hopelessness and sadness which will persist from days to years. Depression differs from feeling of disappointment or minor setback experienced in a day.

For some, minor depression can be experienced only in remote stages of their lives. Others will go through more depressions at frequent intervals in their entire lifetime. If the depression last long, serious and intense, this is termed as “major depressive disorder”. This is also referred as “major depression” of clinical depression”.

Major Depressive Disorder or MDD interrupts the person’s normal daily routine like social events, work and school. This also affects physical functions like appetite and sleep. You have MDD when you experience feeling of hopelessness or sadness for at least 2 weeks, lack the interest to do most of your usual daily routine, lack appetite, have significant weight loss or weight gain, experience prolonged or lack of sleep as well as restlessness. You will also fee fatigue, have suicidal attempt, feel extreme feeling of worthlessness, have difficulty concentrating and can’t make decision.

Meanwhile, the brain plays a major role in depression, specifically amygdala, hippocampus and prefrontal cortex. Memories are stored in hippocampus and this part of the brain is also responsible of cortisol production; a hormone that is released when the body experiences stress like during moments of depression. Increased cortisol will shrink neurons in the hippocampus leading to memory problems. To understand how the brain works, you can check out Alpha Levo IQ.

Wentworth fought a good fight in his mental problem, in short he survived. And now, when he sees the old photo with his old chubby self, 3 things come up to his mind; forgiveness, healing and strength. Understanding how it feels to go through depression, these are his words to everyone; “reach out to someone who is struggling and make the person feel that you care”.