Linda Wisbey is a typical wife whose dream in life is to provide not just comfort but luxury to her family. Married to Peter who is 60 years old, they tried to live their dream by working tirelessly. But the luxury part of their dream seemed to just remain a dream. However, things changed when she won the boystown lottery. From then on, Linda felt that life has become so real when things that they only hope for in the past is now happening in their midst.

“We used to working for long hours to sustain the needs of our 4 kids, to the extent of not having time to spend together”, Linda said. “My husband and I even felt that we are just like ships passing in the night”, she added.

Just as anyone else, Linda dream of living in an enormous mansion and travel to different destinations all over the world. She wants to be worry free by being debt-free. The accumulating bills on her mortgages and credit cards were just very overwhelming. So she and her husband took the short route by investing on a property that they thought will secure them financially in the future. However, it seemed like fate was not on their side when they finally discovered that the property is $50,000 less than they have paid for. They have been a victim of a property scam.

However, life’s challenges did not stop them from dreaming; especially if this is the only thing they can hold on to. Linda continued the tradition of buying tickets from Boys town. Since they moved from Scotland to Australia, his father; Jack made it a point that they enter such lottery. “You need to be in it so you can win it”, Linda’s father used to tell them jokingly since she was 10 years old.

For Linda, paying $30 dollars for the lottery tickets is her charitable contribution to the young and disadvantaged Australian. Proceeds of this lottery will be used to help them. So, winning is not her primary concern when buying these tickets. Though Linda and her husband sometimes browse the pictures of homes that can be won, the thought of winning is just next to impossible.

Then one busy and stressful day while Linda was driving home, she received a call from Boys Town Lottery. And because it has been months since she looked on their offered houses, they are the last person she ever expects to receive any call from.

“I am calling to inform you that you just won a lottery from Boys Town”, a man’s voice said on the other line. Thinking that it was a joke, she parked her car on the side of the road and scolded the man telling him not to throw prank calls since she was having a bad day.  But when the man finally convinced her of winning, she cried for over an hour before she broke the news to her husband and kids.

Linda won a house in Queensland Coast worth 1.5 million on top of the $35,000 gold bullion and $5,000 worth of flights. So now, they are travelling to different parts of the world, live in an enormous mansion, bought their own boat and live a luxurious life.

Who would ever think that Linda’s dream will become a reality? Boys Town Lottery realized her dream as well as the others who had shared her fate.