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Hotel accommodation accounts one of the largest expenses in travelling. But the good news is; 5 days hotel accommodation in the future will only cost you one night stay in today’s regular hotel. However, the only downside is the space. Instead of big hotel rooms, you will be encased in a capsule like fixture, with 3 feet width and 7 feet length. In fact, they look like a “human recharging station”. And they call it; “Podtel”.

“This will be ideal for frequent travelers who are on a tight budget”, Podtime director Paul Grindrod said.

Today, all the comfort is given to hotel guests. You can enjoy a lot of amenities and indulge into the luxuries that they offer. When staying in Cardiff for instance, you can choose for an accommodation that includes bed and breakfast in Cardiff at the same time. You can check one at Hotel One Hundred Facebook. This offers a lot of savings on your part. However, podtels offer even more savings than any cheapest hotel available in the market. They can be ideal if you just want to have a space where you can sleep before you continue with your travel.

Enclosed inside the Podtel are LED lights, privacy blind, mirror and lockable luggage storage, apart from a comfortable bed. You can also add high tech card system and shelving if you want to.

These tiny sleeping quarters are now starting to emerge in many travel scenes. They started their fame in Japan as they piled at their airports, used as “sleep controlled capsules”. There are even “Snoozebox” which is another lodging option that is easy to assemble. They are made of shipping containers which you can stack and unstack with ease and are useful for short term events and music festivals.

“I can see that this type of sleeping accommodation will soon be playing a great part in the hotel industry one of these days”; Jon Gray said; one of the founders of Podtel.

Today, these types of accommodations already exist in several parts of the world. Apart from Japan, you can also find them in Moscow’s hostel, offering sanctuary of rest to weary travelers. And though there are ads claiming that podtels are spacious inside that even a claustrophobic individual will need not worry about the enclosures, it is still best to ask people who have already tried them. This way, you can decide if they are worth trying for basing from these people’s firsthand experience.