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Traveling may require weeks or even a year of preparation. But your effort is paid well through lukewarm room services and all the entertainment that awaits. However, there is one problem that you may encounter later and that is going through a symptom called “hotel fatigue”.

If you stay in a good hotel, your hotel fatigue can be resolved with the hotel’s satisfactory service. However, even a sheer quality of accommodation may not be enough to resolve the issue if you are out of budget. When you reach this point, you would suddenly see the world as a blur.

For the past decade, there has become a dramatic shift in the travel industry. This time, there surface a new sector that connects the gap between hotels and full blown property leasing.

Unlike a hotel accommodation, a serviced apartment may include numbers of rooms such as the bedroom, fully fitted kitchen and bathroom. There are also some which include dining room where they can entertain guests.

The downside of serviced apartment is the absence of room service and daily cleaning services. Usually, cleaning is done on a weekly basis and if there are no restaurants around, you need to cook for your guests. However, more and more companies would love to accommodate their travelling staff to a serviced apartment. The same thing is true with families who are on a vacation.

“Serviced apartments are more preferable for many reasons. They are bigger, cheaper and have more facilities”, said Richard Cruise; one of Britain’s serviced apartment provider.

Airbnb, Inc. is one example of company catering to people who are in need of rent lodging. This company comes with a website where you can list and find a place for a short term stay. And one of its major players is Corporate Keys. This company is just one of the many serviced apartment providers that benefits from Airbdb.

“We welcome AirBnb since they cater to a specific niche. Corporate Keys specializes in offering 28 night plus accommodation so there are instances when we experience gaps in our long term bookings. However, it is easier to fill in the gaps with the help of and”, says Bruno Torres; Business Development Manager of Corporate Keys. “We find that corporate organisations will continue to look at established full service providers such as Corporate Keys to offer accommodation services for their staff instead of leaving it to chance with someone who opted to rent out their apartment for 6 months whist they are away. Companies face the risk of something going wrong and the accommodation owner not being available as they are on the other side of the world. With Corporate Keys, expect to have a 24/7 phone line service to help you”, he added.

Hotels may suffice for not more than 3 days of accommodation need. However, when the traveller needs to stay much longer, serviced apartment is the best option to avoid hotel fatigue symptoms.