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There is an increase of teens seeking for Heroin addiction treatment and according to the Substance Abuse and health Services Administration, the numbers rose to as much as 80% in the past decade. And surprisingly, these teens do not actually know they are taking heroin at the start.

One victim was the 20 year old John. “I bought this white powder at the party introduced to me as crushed painkillers. It took me 4 months to know that what I was actually snorting is heroin”, he recounted.  It was too late to intervene. Though John struggled to get away from heroin addiction, he still died due to heroin overdose.

John’s story is very common. In one of Oprah’s show, she featured the impact of heroin and how most teenagers started taking it after they were misled by dealers or friends, Russel Brand is one of them. DEA special agent Jack Riley considered such trend among teens nowadays to be very harmful. ”Heroin dealers’ strategy is to mislead teens by not telling the exact name of the product they are selling”, Riley said.

Vincent, a college football in 24 years of age admitted that he is one of those who lure people into taking heroin just to have someone to accompany him in taking the drug. “I will fool people by telling them we are about to take Vicodin, OxyContin or Cocaine. I see to it that they will come to know that they are taking less than a heroin”, Vincent related.

Another teen named Gabriela was also hooked into heroin when she was 23 years old. “I thought it was cocaine. After 1 year, I discovered it was actually heroin”, she said.  Gabriela admitted that getting out from such addiction was really hard since she just couldn’t stop.

According to Huffington Post, there are many help resources to employ if someone wants to overcome one’s addiction. Among these are the Narcotics Anonymous, National Institute on Drug Abuse and Substance Abuse and Mental health Services Administration.  Going through the rehabilitation treatment can also be very expensive and many wonder how to pay for an intervention. If you have a private insurance, you need to know that there are free interventions that you can turn to. They offer financial assistance as well as free intervention. All you need to do is to know whether you are qualified for such privilege.

Drug addiction can be hard. And the longer you are hooked into it, the harder it is to overcome it. Keep watch of your teens and get medical help once addiction is observed before it’s too late.