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Mylene Klass still look gorgeous at the age of 38. Finally, this model, singer and media figure shared her beauty secrets.

Mylene admitted that she loves to exfoliate a lot. She gives credit to her own brow kit and finds this very important considering the fact that she is not endowed with the biggest eyebrow. Hence, she works hard on this area, adding volume with the use of a brush and mascara to fill them in.

“I believe that having enough sleep is the best way to become beautiful. In fact, I consider this more important than any beauty product. This part can be hard for a mom like me whose little one often awakes at night. That is why when I get enough sleep, I feel like winning a million dollars”, says Mylene.

Friday night is the time for Mylene to pamper herself. She would invite friends over where she offers them a glass of wine while they stick a clay facemask at the same time. She finds this the best way to rejuvenate the area under the eyes and resolve issues on dark circles under eyes.

Unlike other figure conscious celebrities, Mylene admitted that she’s not a gym bunny. “I just keep moving to stay in shape, walking up and down the stairs most of the time. I find mowing a good workout option and swimming works best when I feel that I need a top-up”, she says. Mylene happens to be a daughter of a diver and she taught her kids swimming at the age of 6 months. Today, they swim like tiny mermaids.

If there is one thing that Mylene wants to change, it is her hours of sleep. She finds it hard to hit 8 hours of sleep at night. And this makes her clumsy and feels jet lag throughout the day.

She also loves to wear maxi dress since it gives her the freedom to drink, eat and simply enjoy any event she attends.  When asked how she will describe herself she simply answered; “a mum chic”.  She has the talent to speedily prepare for anything. She can even dress up and put on makeup at the back of her car before she walks on the red carpet.

Mylene also feels that beautiful women are those who are strong. Superficial beauty is not enough but you have to be capable and informed since these traits are the real essence of beauty.