HBO’s NOW service could become unavailable to the viewers outside of the United States of America, HBO threatens. E-mail warnings have already been sent.



People around the globe use software solutions to watch the popular HBO NOW TV shows, and the HBO is firm in its attitude that the program is exclusively intended for the market of the United States of America. Viewers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia have been contacted, according to the Torrent Freak web site.

The whole process was caused by the introduction of the revolutionary HBO offer, which made HBO NOW available to customers who don’t use and cable or antenna TV service. The price of the HBO NOW is 14.99 US dollars per month. People outside of the United States are using VPNs, or virtual private networks, and others set ups to watch the HBO NOW service, which has been restricted so that it can only be shown in the US. One of the most popular TV shows airing on HBO NOW is the, now iconic, TV show Game of Thrones.

Some countries have HBO NOW service cheaper than the regular cable TV subscription, as the price of enjoying the HD version of Game of Thrones can be unbelievably expensive in some countries. As an example, if you want to watch Game of Thrones in Australia, in High Definition, you would need to pay a whopping 660 Australian dollars! No wonder people opt to watch it using HBO NOW software solutions.

The e-mail, sent to the people who were detected using the software tools to override the locked HBO NOW service, gave them a deadline of April 21st, after which they will be cut off, unless the HBO officially enables them to use HBO NOW.

This is the second time in 2015 the users of the VPN were under pressure, as Netflix also took action, making adjustments to its android app which was used to unlock region locked content.