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Grand Theft Auto 5 has made history in their sales records since the day it was launched. And these days, it has earned millions of gamers hooked to their so called “cheats” that spice up the game even more. And players of this game have finally found their way around some of its rules.

If you are an avid player of GTA 5, you are pretty much aware that Rockstar Games created cheat codes for its players, vehicles and in many aspects of the game. Gamers now have the option to use codes to enjoy using some features or even “get off the grid”. But more than that, gamers all over the world also discovered that there are ways to be rich and obtain properties without the need to waste any dime.

One famous type of cheat is the ability of the player to buy a costly property without any charge. However, as with other types of video games, there is a catch here. You still need to have the amount needed to buy the property. But the twist here is that the cheat code allows you to have the property without giving out your money.

“However, you need to know that acquiring the property does not end up with the “buying” process. Expect a quick cut to happen”, IBT says. A mission has to be completed first before the property falls to your hand. But don’t worry; you may prefer an easy and short mission to ensure that such asset will be yours for good.

Invincibility is another type of cheat that has made every GTA 5 player crazy. This is the realization of every player’s dream to wreak havoc without being injured. And since some of the GTA 5 players are into the game not to work on a certain mission but to have fun, this feature of the game allows the game’s main character not just anything but everything one wants to.

If you are still new to the game, you will definitely need some coaching. You can check’s tricks, guides and cheats to equip you in the game and have a winning advantage. But don’t worry, every GTA 5 Players started out knowing nothing like you and they ended up masters of every cheat codes available. It can be hard to fully grasp the level of entertainment that GTA 5 has to offer unless you have tried immersing into the game. And to heighten your excitement, use some GTA 5 Cheat Codes along the way.