Cancer is the biggest health issue in the modern age, and the conventional therapy methods, like chemo therapy and radiation are simply not good enough, as cancer keeps mutating both on a proteomic and on a genomic level. Cancer cells are really tough to get rid of, providing minimal chances of recovery to the patients with advanced forms of the disease. The cancer researchers at globe One are on a verge of a breakthrough, using radio frequency (RF) ablation, which releases heat into the tumor, causing it’s disappearance.


The idea of using RF to treat the tumors in a human body needs more work, but the nanotechnologies are advancing at the speed of light, and perhaps it won’t be long before we start treating cancer with RF. Basically, nanoparticles, like the gold particles used in the research, are placed in the tumor, and then the RF managed to release heat to the site. The groundbreaking new research of the team from Amrita Centre for Nanoscience and Molecular Medicine in India showed that RF ablation of cancer cells, even in advanced stages of the disease, is possible, using biodegradable nanoparticles of graphene. For this specific process, carbon nanotubes were used, which use the awesome power of innovative RF absorbers, and the graphene converted the radio waves into heat energy!

The same radio waves which are used for our FM radios can prove to be the solution to the biggest health issue of our era, when the graphene nanoparticles become implemented as a standard procedure in fighting cancer. This new procedure opens up a variety of other possibilities, as this method could eventually completely remove the need for other, commonly used surgical procedures, not only in fighting cancer, but also in treating other diseases.

The nanotechnology has reached a point where we can truly say that there are no more limits to where we can go, as after we have conquered spaces, we have now managed to conquer the smallest particles of our bodies. It is amazing what the power of a human mind can do, and how the human intellect is the driving force of our civilization.