Google has just declared that it will release a computer that will be powered by Chrome and these systems will be cheap, created for low income earners and students.

chrome bit

This new computers will have a special branded device known as Chrome-bit that resembles a large flash memory stick. It was produced to be used with a Television or other computer monitors: the user is expected to plug it into the HDMI ports of the Television or Monitors. This is a wonderful device that will converts the TV to a computer.

Google displayed also the lowest priced  $149 Chrome-book laptop, which has become a strong competitor for the just released Microsoft laptop/tablet which runs the full version of Windows Operating System, but much more expensive.

Davies Murphy Consultancy’s Tech Analyst Chris Green stated that – “This is a booming sector of the market at the moment. With the falling cost of hardware, schools are looking to families to equip kids with their own computers – the idea of BYOD [bring your own device to class]. This has prompted manufacturers to create low-cost entry-level laptops that parents then buy for their children as well as themselves.”

The two Tech companies are trying to catch them young: they are providing these devices to the young people at a cheaper rate to build a loyalty – a bond between the children and the device.

Ovum Consultancy’s Ronan de Renesse, who is a consumer tech expert commented concerning this, saying that “the key goal here for both Google and Microsoft is to put their brand and services out there in front of kids to build loyalty at a very early age.” He believed that “it’s also a good way to see whether or not to extend these types of devices to emerging markets, where they could be used outside education by people with very low disposable incomes.”

Notwithstanding, a spokesperson from Google said that these new low cost devices will only be produced for consumers within the Unites States, indicating that they will “make these widely available in the future, however we have nothing more to announce at this time.”

Asus will produce the Chrome-bits for Google which will be sold at $100 per device when it is launched later on in this 2015.