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What can you do with $7,500 USD? A highly detailed replica of Canon 5D Mark III DSLR was crafted into a fine 14 k gold pendant for Jay; owner of 1st impression Studio to cater to his life’s passion; photography. Well, luxury has its cost and you will surely get what you want as long as you are willing to pay the price.

“Jay approached us to design a jewelry that will fit in to photography. After knowing that he loves using Canon 5D Mark III and that he often use this as his weapon in most of his photo shoots, we fashioned the pendant using this as our model, specifically Canon L series lens”, Jay Her jeweler said.

Custom Jewelry shop IFandCO together with Jay Her molded Jay’s desired pendant to life. After he informed the jewelers that he has $7,500 dollars for a spending budget, the 2 custom jewelry shops started the initial wax molding of the said pendant. “This pendant was handcrafted by my team for our client Jay since we only want to come up with the best customized jewelry for him”, jeweler at Jay Her added.

Gold plated jewelries are molded initially using wax. And it takes skills and talent to come up with excellent results. Costume jewelries are made to compliment a fashionable costume or dress. Its costs vary, depending on the materials used. Today, consumers opt for uniquely designed jewelries that can never be seen normally at the store’s shelves. Since these are designed especially for the customer, this may be more expensive than the generic jewelries we see at the stores. And though jewelries used to be worn by the women populace, men are now adapting to the trend and wear this too. This is good news to jewelry stores, since this simply means expanding their market as well.

Jewelries are often linked to wealth and financial status. And the more expensive is the jewelry that you wear, the more elegant you will look as well.

The pendant made for the owner of 1st impression Studio weighed 65 grams with 1.2 carats VS grade diamonds. However, the entire piece of the jewelry, including its chain weighs 100 grams in total, which only shows its worth. On this pendant, jewelers mounted a Canon 24mm L lens and adorned the lens bezel with 34 diamonds, carefully set by the jeweler’s bare hands.

“I love my new Canon pendant”, Jay said after receiving the finished product, embedded with the masterpiece that only IF & Co and Jay Her can provide.