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Nadiya Hussein won the Great British Bake Off in 2015. And when asked where all her passion in cooking came from, she admitted that it all started when she’s in high school. She thanked her home economics teacher; Jean Marshall for it. She’s the first person who taught her how to use the oven. That’s why it dawned her upon knowing that Mrs. Marshall does not really like cooking at all.

Nadiya made it to the top in BBC cookery programme in 2015 at the age of 31. “I owed by skills in making pizza, puff pastry and scones to my teacher; Mrs. Marshall”, she gladly admitted. “Later after winning in GBBO, I had the chance to tell her that my passion rooted from her and asked her what keeps her busy recently. To my surprise, my teacher told me that she hates baking and has not done any after she stopped working”.  Such revelation saddened Nadia since she’s been looking forward to cook with Mrs. Marshall one of these days.

Nadiya have always known ovens as a storage since her mom used to keep their frying pans here. However, her teacher taught her that it has another use and that is baking. “When Mrs. Marshall mixed the flour, egg, sugar and butter and turned them into a cake, I was so surprised that I thought she has magic”, Nadiya related.

In reality, Nadiya has been a good cook since she admitted that she loves cooking rice and curry at their home. Using their quiet blender, she can create deserts but she never really knows how to use oven until her teacher taught her how.

“I can remember baking scones with Mrs., Marshall for the first time and she thinks I did well”. Nadiya recounted. “At first, she did not allow me to cook with her until I offered to help wash the dishes”, she added. Since then, they have been cooking together baking pizzas, puff pastry ad fruit tart. Those were her high school days. And winning British cooking competition gave her hope that they will reunite and cook once again.

Apart from Mrs. Marshall, she also mentioned Dr. Jabbar; one of her high school teacher who protected her from racist bullying. She often turned to this teacher for strength when she experienced a lot of shoving, pushing and name calling from other students. Sadly, Dr. Jabbar died of heart attack which devastated Nadiya. But this teacher taught her the importance of turning to your family and friends when in need. That’s why for Nadiya, Mrs. Marshall and Dr. Jabbar are the persons behind her victory. They taught her the skills and courage to reach her greatest potential.