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Gambling entails a lot of risk and before you know it; you are already losing more than the budget that you intend to spend for the day. However, this will never be a problem anymore with the new slot technology that tells player when they have reached their quota via an onscreen display.

Currently, the said slot technology is only available at Massachusetts. Its government is now regulating gambling to overcome gambling addictions among its locals. This technology will allow players to limit their bets while playing. And this is good news to desperate gamblers like Kyle Bass and many others.

To understand how it works, players will be asked to set their budget for the day using their casino reward card. They can even set their budget for a week or a month. This technology was termed as “Play My Way” in Massachusetts and its government funded up to $200,000 from Massachusetts’s casino operator annual   assessment. Once gamblers will enroll to this program, they will be prompted or receive automatic notification, informing them that they are about to reach 50 or 75 percent of their limit. Once they have reached their limit, they will be asked if they would still continue. They also have the option to change their limit.

Massachusetts’s first casino; Plainridge Park will be the first one to put this technology to test. This place is a harness track and slot parlor in Plainville.  Testing will commence on May this year.

“This is the first time for the slot technology will be used and it has never been done in any other part of the world where it showed to be successful. So we are now faced with the challenge of doing everything from top to bottom”, Stephen Crosby; Massachusetts’ Gaming Commission Chairman said.

If this technology will come out successful, other casinos will be mandated to use this feature. However, the American Gaming Association expressed their worries about the fact that such technology has never been proven to be effective in countries where they have been tried like Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway and many other countries where the new slot technology is in use for so many years now.

One example is Nova Scotia in Canada where they discontinued the program since after 9 years of using it, their gambling revenue went down and only few players are using it. But to Massachusetts authorities, giving the new slot technology a try will still be worth it if this will keep gamblers from losing more than they can afford.