furnace repairIt happened again in Cincinnati when resident Brian Jackson received a call from a furnace repair company. Most often, such conversation ends up with the client losing thousands of dollars for a repair that is not really needed. This is very common when temperature starts to fall and everyone is preparing their furnace for a cool winter season.

“The company came in and checked our furnace, I was told that it was shot and it needs to be replaced”, Brian said. “Though our furnace is already oId, I fully knew that there is nothing wrong with it that is why I was shocked upon hearing the news”, he added.

Unlike other people, Brian was not easily convinced on the idea of replacement, especially when the company seemed to be using “scare tactics”. At first, they told Brian’s wife that they are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning without any knowledge about it.  Though Brian raised the fact their carbon monoxide detector did not sensed any problem, the technician told him that such tool is too old to provide reliable results. The entire scenario ended up with the technician putting a red tag on their furnace, implying that this must not be used since it poses hazard to their family’s safety.

Instead of spending a thousand dollar and following the furnace repair company’s advice, Brian sought for a second opinion from another company. “I was thinking that the second company can work with the other furnace repair company. This way, they can exchange ideas what needs to be bought and what can be re-used in case a new install needs to be done”, Brian said.

Surprisingly, the second company assured him that his carbon monoxide detector is functioning well. They have confirmed this to be true since the second company brought along a carbon monoxide detector to verify if the other detector is working right.

“The second company told us that there is no danger of carbon monoxide intoxication in our home and that our carbon monoxide detector is functional. I was really upset to the first company we contacted so I called them right away and told them not to see us again”, Brian related.

According to Local 12 News, it is not needed to mention the name of the first company Brian contacted with since there are so many similar companies doing the same thing nowadays. What matters most is to make the public aware that there are furnace repair companies that will suggest furnace replacement right away, regardless if it is working or not. If this happens to you, be as smart as Brian and seek for a second opinion right away.