Using Facebook while at work can get you into trouble, unless this is part of your job. Otherwise, this may prompt your boss to fire you. But do you know that this social media created 4.5 million jobs in 2014? This information came from a new Deloitte report directed by Facebook and aired through Fox Business Network through Gabrielle Karol.

How Facebook did all these? It has invested well on application platforms resulting to job growths. A lot of successful entrepreneurs took advantage of Facebook by using this to open portals of earning opportunities like Sacramento’s Uptown Studios. They handle clients who need consulting, answer questions, set up pages, do reports, post and advertise.  But there can be a long list of other works that you can do in Facebook and this social media is indeed more than just for entertainment. And many companies will invest for online marketing through Facebook. In fact, $50 billion dollars are spent annually on mobile phone simply because their  users want to have access to Facebook.

However, not everybody is amenable to this report on Facebook. In fact, Roger Noli from Stanford University called this as “headline grabbing statistics”. He said that Facebook don’t have to receive all the credit. Besides, there are other companies which are equally important such as Google. We can’t just simply exclude them out of the picture.

But still, there are people who are grateful to what Facebook have brought into their lives. Tina Reynolds is one of them. She said from 4 interns whom she employed in her little Sacramento Studio, they grew to 13 employees working on a 4,000 square foot office. In fact, she expects their numbers to more than double considering the spacious workplace that they now have. And all they did to make this happen is to do some works in Facebook.