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Middle School students in Bloomfield Connecticut are using laptops as part of their curriculum. After lengthy teacher preparation and special trainings, it proves to help student become more excited in their lessons.

Carmen Arace Middle School is just one of the educators using laptops where teachers and all 848 students are empowered through these gadgets. Since September 1998, everyone was already online. And for the school’s staff and administrators, this type of teaching method is very effective.

“Learning has never been as exciting when students have access to laptop use. It makes each day a time to discover, hence helping students become more focused on their tasks”, Jerry Crystal said. He is a technology integration specialist in charge in trouble shooting systems and orientating faculties and students in the use of laptops.

“Now that laptops are within their reach, students become more excited to write, research and make projects. And even some functionality issues of this gadget become very effective in training the students to be more patient and persistent. Sometimes this machine becomes slow and other times, it does not operate as expected. But when this happens, students are challenged to make this technology work for them”, Crystal added.

Crystal further emphasized that students using laptops when working on their school project develops cooperation and builds a strong community within them.

In Carman Arace, students do not need to purchase computers. The school itself allotted $2 million for these devices. Hence, families of these students are not compelled to invest a large amount of money so their kids can access the laptops that they need.

“Each student in our school just needs to pay $60 annually for insurance. And this will grant them the opportunity to bring the laptops home” Principal Dolores M. Bolton said.

“I am overwhelmed about the laptop’s positive results.  However, for new users, this would mean adjustment on their part. Besides, we are now living in a world where teaching in a school setting goes beyond mere talking but requires instructors to be facilitators as well”, Bolton added.

Netschool is becoming a trend nowadays. In Carmen Arace Middle School, this did not only have great impact on the curriculum but has become a part in disciplining students as well. In fact, suspension declined up to 60 percent since this has been used in the curriculum. Now, there are many colleges that offer laptops to their students. This only means that laptops are now an integral part in the teaching of the millennium.