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Dennis Rodeman, 35 years old firefighter was killed by a motorist while participating on the annual fundraising campaign. Grant Taylor; his killer, was angry since the said fund raising activity created traffic issues at Lansing Street this Wednesday.

“I am angry on the firefighters not just because they were slowing traffic but because I am not satisfied with their response to my frustrations”, Grant said. “So, I drove away but managed to turn around to hit one of those guys who conversed with me (and this happens to be Dennis Rodeman)”, he added.

The said fund raising even is meant to finance both the International Association of Firefighters and Muscular Dystrophy Association. However, it all ended up with the death of Dennis. His wife also died later in the hospital while pregnant with their first baby.

After the killing incident, Taylor never stopped at the scene, fleeing the police, Thursday, he was charged with murder.

When asked what the response of the police was that made him angry, Taylor said; “They informed me about the fund raising event and told me that they will be happy to receive any donation”. “Taylor did not show any sign of remorse”; Detective Lee McCallister said.

Records show that Taylor’s mother petitioned him for involuntary hospitalization for his mental illness. Psychiatrist’s report indicated that Taylor has bipolar disorder and psychosis, which explains his odd behavior.