standing desk


Mayo Clinic Proceedings published a study which relates standing to metabolic syndrome and obesity. The result of the study showed that if you spend a quarter of your time (or even more) standing, your elevated fat percentage will reduce and you will less likely become obese. In the study, the reference group who stands often had less odds of developing metabolic syndrome and obesity.

In one of the published article in The Journal of American Medicine, it has been noted that In U.S. alone, 78.6 million adults are struggling with their obesity problem. Such health condition can trigger Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some forms of cancer and other fatal medical conditions.  Furthermore it is written on this journal that obesity related illnesses cost the country $147 billion dollars in 2008 alone. And that people with obesity problems spend $1,429 for their medical costs compared to those who are not obese.  Hence, some people are greatly concern about their weight problem and fear that they will end up in the same medical condition. And this condition can be attributed to the person’s number of hours spent sitting down.

“However, our culture is to ask our visitors to take a seat and make them comfortable. Hence, asking people to be standing more can be such a challenge for many of us”, expressed Director Gavin Bradley from an International Group which aims to reduce problems on too much sitting. “To solve this issue, we can start by simply standing at least 2 hours a day while at work”, he added.

Bradley suggested many ways to stand more often. He said you can stand when answering phones, walk around, using stairs or take a break. You can even work on your computer while standing. There are many affordable standing desks you can find these days to help you with this matter.

These days, an average American who works in an office spends 10 hours sitting. In Cooper Clinic in Texas, it was found out that men who stands at least 6 hours a day is 32 % less likely to be obese than those who do not. If one stands half the time, the risk of obesity even lowers to 59%. Women on the other hand who stood for a quarter of their time have 35% reduced risk of obesity. If one stands for half a day, the risk lowers to 47%. And though it feels better to sit, one has to find more time to stand to stay healthy.