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After FIFA 16 was released, many of its avid gamers brought up complain regarding some changes they have noticed. Issues on weak kicks, poor first touches and missing target in certain distances came about. With this, some FIFA players claim the game to be boring, slow and very frustrating.

FIFA 16 is a football simulation video game that was published by EA Sports through Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. This time, female layers are included in the game. This was released just this September 2015. Although many writers commended its realism, some are upset with its new passing and slowed down pace.

“There are some tactics used in its previous version (FIFA 15) that are not working well in the new version (FIFA 16)”, wrote Wesley Yin-Poole of “However, if there is something I can say about the changes I have observed in the game, they are there for the better”, he added.

One of its gamers commented; “I hate to say this but the game is just so slow. I have been playing this game all my life but FIFA 16 just killed the excitement. It is now boring and frustrating”.

To those who have tried playing FIFA 15, you all know that this version of the game is too much focused on speed. Hence, as you play it, you will find Real Madrid after real Madrid. This is because Bale and Ronaldo were just too fast for the defenses to contain. The game can easily be won by simply lobbing the ball forward. And if these 2 athletes are in on the goal, they will always have the winning advantage.

To make the game more realistic, EA modified the game in FIFA 16. This time, the midfield matters. With this new innovation, speed becomes less powerful. Other key changes include slowed pace of the game. In FIFA 15, passes may reach easily but with the newer version, this will be intercepted by more defenders. It becomes more challenging to swiftly change from defense to attack. Moreover, it is also slower to build up.

Though FIFA 16 may have many critics, there are those who appreciate the game as well. One of them is Mart. He wrote in one of the FIFA forums; “Speed is not the dominant stat. What matter most are the positioning, agility, ball control, strength, dribbling and balance. The game is so realistic and those who don’t understand this fact are most likely the ones who don’t watch real football game”.

FIFA 16 was designed to make the game more measured, more rewarding and most importantly less frustrating. And with fifa 16 free coins, you can enjoy playing this game even more.