Sergio Marchionne, the Chief Executive of Fiat said that steps taken by Google and Apple to venture into car industry from a technological angle should not be ignored. At the moment Google is producing cars with a driverless technology, an it will be unwise for other traditional car manufacturers to ignore this.


The Boss of a reputable carmaking industry stated that Google and Apple were “incredibly serious” about their driverless automobile goals, and as such will achieve this to the amazement of all. He iterated that their vision into driverless technology and electric vehicles could be “disruptive” for manufacturers.


While on the Geneva Motor Show, Sergio Marchionne stated that it is necessary for an individual to shake the industry with new ideas “but when you’re the guy whose life is being disrupted, it’s not necessarily a good feeling”.


Apple has an entire work force of staff developing a car called Titan. Because the firm has a lot of financail resources it has become a very strong competitor, However,  Fiat Boss has indicated interest to dicuss a possibility of partnering with Apple for other projects in the future.


Notwithstanding, he adviced Google and Apple not to “underestimate carmakers’ ability to respond and adapt” to new competitive challenges.


Still speaking, the Fiat Boss stated that the European car manufacturing companies will keep on increasing and remain stable. Previously he criticized the car industry Bosses about European sales, talking about  a “bloodbath” and “hell”.


However, Mr. Marchionne said that: “The market is not as tough as it used to be. We’re not fighting tooth and nail for the last dollar.” The dropping value of the euro was aiding our exports, and activating step by the European Central Bank has a positive impact.