Image from telesurtv.net

In a camp in Northeast Nigeria, female suicide bombers killed 56 people after blowing themselves in a homeless camp created by Boo Haram Islamist group.  There were three female suicide bombers but the third one refused to set off her bomb after learning that her family is inside the camp. She ended up surrendering to the authorities instead.

There were 2 explosions that took place in Dikwa, northeast Nigeria in 50,000 strong camps located at Dikwa, northeast Nigeria. The camp is intended to accommodate women as well as children who were rescued by the Nigerian army.

The suicide bombers disguised as refugees coming from Boko Haram uprising. And two of these suicide bombers set the bomb to blow as soon as they entered the camp. The attack took place because of Boko Haram stronghold’s military strike.

“35 dead bodies were recovered on top of the 78 injured individuals after the attack at Dikwa IDP took place”, Satomi Ahmed said; Borno State Emergency Management Agency chairman said. “Three female suicide bombers came 6:30 am with two of them setting their explosives to explode with the third one surrendered to authorities”, he added.

The event happened after the strongholds adjacent to Kalabalge were attacked by Nigerian army. This killed dozens of Boko Haram fighters. It also spared the lives of hundreds of woman. The uprising of Boko Haram already killed 70,000 people. Meanwhile, 2 million other individuals left their homes because of the violence that took place for 7 years. This also spread to other countries,

Not only Boko Haram fighters were to be blamed for suicide bombers. Earlier before this event happened, there were 30 injured individuals and 6 died when the same attack happened in Nguetchewe, which is located in northern Cameroon that same day.

The surrender of a suicide bomber to authorities only meant one thing and that “blood is still thicker than water”. Even suicide bombers with full determination to accomplish one’s mission will be willing to thwart their plan if anyone from their family will be affected.