If there’s one scene that I love watching in our home, it is when my husband plays with our children. It gives me a different feeling of joy witnessing those people that I love most enjoying each other’s company. My husband used to be my kids’ playmate during their early years. Now that they have grown up, they still enjoy doing childish things and spend happy moments together.

Wouldn’t it be better to hear laughter in your house rather than hear someone crying? A home were everyone is happy is a place of refuge for everyone in the household. If kids are comfortable with their parents’ presence, they will most likely confide their secrets and challenges to their mom and dad as well. They will feel that their folks will walk them through life to help them ease life’s burden.  Hence, they won’t look for help outside their home since they felt that all the help that they need can be obtained from their own family. This is very important to keep kids away from the bad influence that they may get from their peers. Most of all, a child who is always appreciated in their home will also grow to be a confident and smart kid. And when they grow up, they will also follow your footsteps when they have a family of their own.

It’s just sad to hear news about kids who are beaten by their parents. Instead of  using their hands to embrace their children, they use these to punish them instead. Hence, when these types of parents extend their hands, kids will usually shun away thinking that their parents are trying to inflict pain on them. This is even in situations where parents would simply like to hug them. So, it is very important for parents to show their kids that they care  and never inflict pain on them as much as possible. Otherwise, you will be building a wall between you and your children and this will be hard to break over time.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how dads and kids have fun, just watch this  video.  It reminds me when I was a child. The difference is; my dad sings and I play my little guitar at a tune that I never know existed (since I really don’t know how to play it). But my dad always tells me how good I was (even if not!) Now I understand how little girls can be so precious in the eyes of a father.. just like it is in this video.