It is interesting to note that food and beverage preservation has started since 1772. However, it is not until 1855 when a lever type can opener was invented by Robert Yeates. He is a surgical instrument and a cutlery maker in UK. Over the years, this type of tool has involved. New designs were introduced to the market, simply to make this more convenient to use.

Among the varieties of bottle openers are as follows:

Crown Cork Opener

This is otherwise called as “churchkey”. This was introduced to the market when crown cork was invented and was considered as the original “bar blade”. It has gained reputation because of its portability. All you need to do is to attach is to a vertical surface and you are good to go. Since bottle caps will freely fall underneath this, this is often paired with a tray to catch all the bottle tops. However, this comes with some flaws too. One is the fact that it is incapable of opening wine bottles.

Speed Opener

Have you seen a flattened steel blades with sizes 4 x 16 cm with a thumb hole design at the end of the letter box? This is cut at the other to allow it to remove bottle crown seals. This is used by fitting the hole on the bottle’s neck and lifting it to remove its crown. This is often employed by professional bartenders in UK, Canada and America. This is very handy; can be attached to a zip string or carried on a pocket, making it the most preferable bottle opener by many bartenders.

Magnetic Catch Bottle Opener

If you want to get rid of mess, without attaching additional accessory, why not use this type of can opener? As its word denotes, it attracts the bottle crowns before they even fall to the ground. Hence, there’s no need to pick them up one by one.

Well Mounted

Works like a crown cork opener where it is attached to a wall. With this, bottles can be opened using a single hand alone.

Multi Opener

Not only limited to opening bottle caps alone. This can also be used to open metal beverage cans and plastic bottles.
Well, opening bottles of beverages like beers can be time consuming, especially if you have to do it one by one. Well, if you are in a hurry to serve these to your guests, why not try this new invention? Surely, you will save a lot of your time and spend more quality moments with your peers. Check out this video and find out about it.