Many parents these days treat their kids to their favorite fast food chain to inspire them to do well in school. Little do they know that this does harm than good to their children.  SAGE Journal published a study conducted which shows poor academic performance among children who often eats fast foods; something which can be very alarming for parents.

Meanwhile, a study conducted in Ohio University validated this to be true.  As per think, results of such study showed that kids who are daily fast food eaters tend to be slow in reading, math and science in comparison to those who rarely eats these types of foods.

The study employed 12,000 5th to 8th grade students. They were asked about their eating habits for the past 3 years to know if fast foods truly affect their capacity to excel academically.  The result was astonishing. Only 30% of the students verbalized that they haven’t eaten fast foods that week, half of them admitted that they have taken this 3 times a week while 10 percent said that this is part of their daily meal.  And according to the lead researcher; Kelly M. Putrell, those kids who eat fast-food daily are the ones who have low grades in Math, Reading and Science. Hence, she hoped that this result will somehow convince parents to stay away from these types of foods.

Fast foods have high salt and sugar contents. And taking these substances regularly will affect anyone’s cognitive growth leading to memory loss and poor academic performance. Unfortunately, parents seem to be fully convinced by the world’s too much commercialism. In fact they are sending unhealthy lunch such as chips and sweets and seldom do kids take dairy products with them to school.

Today, $700 million dollars are spent annually for medias and ads for fast food products. And as a result, 2 to 14 years old American kids patronize these foods more than their healthier counterparts. Unfortunately, this will not favor them well in their school performance.