Let’s face it; what used to be very cool in women’s fashion now looks sucks and boring. Hence, when choosing your accessories, you have to consider what the current trend is. Surely, you don’t want to look left out in the crowd.


Here’s what is considered to be fashionable over time..


Headscarves in the 60’s

Way back in the 60’s, you’re hot when you are wearing headscarves. Fabrics with nice printed designs are used for this and it is tied at the nape or behind the head. This fits well with huge dark sunglasses too!















Platform Shoes in the 70’s

Ladies love to groove during Saturday nights’ fever with their platform shoes. These were made of wood and the most popular are the sandal strapped design. Aside from the fact that this makes you look fashionable in the 70’s, it boost your height as well.














If this happened during the 70’s, this woman will not have to deal with height issues..



Everything neon in the 80’s

If you want to be cool in the 80’s, check out your accessory colors. So grab those neon earrings, neon sunglasses, neon headbands and anything with radiant color and you will surely attract the crowd.















At lest you get to glow in the dark



Double Purpose Accessories of the 90’s (double)

Who can ever forget these bracelet pens. They are very handy accessories for students who write from time to time. At least they will never run out of pens at times they needed them most.














Loom Bands these days

Who can ever resist this colorful wrist bands? They come in nice colors, no wonder why men even use these nowadays. In fact, even the oldies love wearing them too!













Even Prince William is seen wearing it..



















The good news is; anyone can create wonderful loom band designs. You can check out http://ukloombands.com on how to make these artistic accessories. Hence, you can still look grand without the need to spend a lot! Everyone loves doing this. In fact, this is not only a good hobby but can also be a source of an additional income.

Remember, fashion doesn’t always have to be very expensive. In fact, if you just allow your imagination work, you will be surprised where your creativity will take you. Again, you don’t always have to be grand in your designs. As long as you look good and you feel good then you are good to go.