Hyperhidrosis can affect anyone, regardless of your life’s stature. And the famous model, Penny Lancaster is not exempted from it. It’s a condition where you struggle to stay dry all the time. You have more sweat glands than normal and you keep on dripping wet all the time.

“I am really embarrassed about my woes and even my doctors suggested invasive procedures to resolve my sweating issue”, Penny admitted on Loose Women.

In have been living with this condition for so long and when I met my husband; Rod Stewart, I was too afraid that he will discover my sweating condition”, Penny added.

The model’s hyperhidrosis caused her a lot of struggles in life. Because she always wears clammy hands, she would rather kiss an acquaintance on the cheek instead of shaking hands. Her hands always have that “little shining” all the time. Of course, a sweaty hand is expected when someone feels nervous. But Penny’s case is different. Her hands get sweaty even if she’s not nervous. It gets sweaty even when she’s excited or if she looks forward to something.

Penny knew of her sweating condition when she was diagnosed in a Hyperhidrosis Clinic in her teens. She even went to the extent of wearing gloves when taking her exams and managed to live in this condition for many years.

“I remember wearing cotton gloves when taking my exams since the sweat on my hands makes the test paper damp”, Penny related.

Modern technologies have many ways to address this issue. It can be through iontophoresis, botulinum toxin, anticholinergic drugs or surgery. On Penny’s case, the doctor recommended both electrotherapy and surgery with the latter needing to cut an underarm vein to stop her hand from producing sweat. However, this can also trigger other parts of her body to start sweating.

Penny recounted an experience with her husband when she offered to give him a manicure when the place he wanted to get it done was shut. It was too late when she realized that this would mean revealing her topmost secret to Rod whom he just met for the first time. To make her sweaty hands less obvious, she had the lights really low. Rod even wondered if she can see what she’s doing.

Penny has developed a lot of ways to mask her symptoms. She even asks for a wind machine while modeling in a swimwear just to prevent excessive sweat production throughout the pictorials.

Hyperhidrosis is not really a fatal problem. What’s important is to learn how to live with it and know how to make certain adjustments to make it less obvious. And Penny Lancaster did well on this part.