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Mike Byster is known for his award-winning children’s math and memory system. In fact, he considers himself to have the world’s fastest mathematical mind.

“I was not born this way and Math was my worst subject,” admitted Mike. In fact, he once got F in Geometry. But he discovered that you don’t need to be a genius to master mathematical calculations. “Recognizing the patterns of numbers is all that you need to know the answer”; Mike asserted.

Such realization started when Mike was asked to memorize the names of the planets which he easily recalled by remembering this phrase; “”My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas”; where he used the first letters of the words to remember the first letters of the planets. He also memorized the name of the 50 states by composing a song which identifies the capitals.

In similar manner, Mike Byster discovered a pattern in multiplying 3 digit numbers that allows even 9 years old children to give the answer in a matter of seconds.  Since then, using patterns has become Mike’s way of remembering facts.

‘Any brain can do this” told Mike to students in St. Barnabas where he conducted workshops on improving memories and mathematical skills.  He said that one can easily recall things by learning patterns or creating stories; a technique that can change the student’s life.

“Mike Byster taught me the fun way to find solutions to complicated math problems” said David; one of the students who have heard Mike’s workshop.

Today, Mike is known as the creator of Brainetics. These are interactive tools such as playing cards, DVD set or websites which challenge students to learn through games. These activities are both fun and thought-provoking at the same time.

A Brainetics program in Chicago helped 4th grade students in their mathematical skills, offering them long term advantages. Brainetics program review posts commended this program since it harnesses the kids’ potentials when their memory development, reason and mathematical skills are challenged.

Brainetics is now widely recognized. It can be seen on televisions and national publications including “20/”20 and ABC’s. Mike Byster has also become a National Council of Mathematics Teachers member and has done a lot of presentations to many businesses, schools and non-profit organizations.

His award winning memory system is now available as a downloadable iPhone App. Now, people of all ages can improve their memories which can help in sustaining their long term cognitive development.

“I was not born this way”; is a common statement admitted by Mike. But the truth is; he was endowed with a gift on patterns and numbers since he was a child. By the age of 8, he was already using mnemonic devices to play memory games. And this was incorporated to his present Brainetics program.