As Indian officials announced today, the extremely hot weather has taken more than 2000 lives in the last ten days, and the government has started the educational campaigns to help people fight and cope with extremely high temperatures.


Hundreds of mostly poor people die every year in India at the peak of the summer season because of the lack of main foodstuffs and clear water. This year the total number of  those, who lost their lives, is the second highest in the history of this enormous country, and the fifth on the global level, as international base of data about catastrophes EM-DAT declared.

Andra Pradesh and Telanganaare the states on the south of India and they have been through the highest temperatures last ten day. 1979 victims of the heat are from those two states.

Another 17 lost their lives in Orisa in the eastern India, and nine more people in other parts of the country, which makes the total number of victims 2005.

In 1998, extreme temperatures killed 2541 people, and that’s the highest number of people who lost their lives in the history of India because of the high temperatures.