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A salute is given to Australia’s explosive detection dogs who died heroes during the country’s Afghanistan troop deployment. With this, a sculpture was unveiled in Australian War Memorial located in Canberra in honor of their contribution to ensure the militaries’’ safety during the war.

Australia has been using animals, specifically dogs for many decades now as part of their armed forces. These animals cleverly do their line of duty by using their strong sense of smell to look for any explosives. They are well trained by their handlers and are the reason why many Australian soldiers manage to return home safely. These dogs make sure that the area is clear from any explosive before the troop comes in.

“One of Afghanistan’s greatest weapons is improvised explosive devices. However, we have explosive detection dogs that go ahead of our troops to search the ground and clear the way for us”, Major Kendall Crocker stated.

According to Major Crocker, dogs create a bond with their handlers. Hence, it becomes easy for them to work as a team in the battle field.  “Dogs do not work for people but with people”, Major Cocker added.

Though it can be hard to be away from home, dogs make the troops feel that they are not far away from home. Soldiers can play and pat their dogs which provide a sense of normalcy while they are deployed in the war.

“Today, dog handling has made its name in the Defense Force”, Lance Corporal Kerswall declared. They have their distinct and special role, taking an important part of the battle”, he added.

However famous; this work is obviously risky. And though optimum care has been provided to explosive detection dogs, the reality that they are working at the battle zone still poses risk to their lives and safety. In 2007 alone, 3 of these dogs died while they honorably fulfilled their duties.

“Explosive detection dogs receive maximum care to their health and safety. But the fact that they are working at a war zone does not immune them from extreme danger”, Major Kendall said.

Darren Smith and his dog are among the handlers and explosive detections dogs who died a hero. In June 2010 they died due to an IED explosion while serving in Afghanistan’s war zone.

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