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The Coastal Town of San Fabian is one of the Philippine’s renowned tourist spot. Its Lingayen Gulf does not only attract beach lovers and sea creatures but also illegal fishers who are taking advantage of its rich marine resources with abundant sea grasses that feed many marine animals.

“Everyone is welcome to visit our place excluding those fishermen who are using illegal fishing gears and explosives. These are destroying the habitat and endanger the lives of our marine creatures”, Constante Agbayani; the town’s mayor said.

Fishing has been a common activity around the globe. Some do this during their leisure time that is why services like fishing trips dubai are offered these days. However, to some, fishing has been considered their bread and butter or even serves as portal to a greater wealth.

Dealing with illegal fishing activities served as a great challenge for law enforcers of San Fabian. This is because Lingayen Gulf where the illegal fishing is done happens to be a “free for all” zone. And when mayor Agbayani spotted another illegal fisherman on this area, this is all that he said; “You will be arrested when you reach the shore”.

Worse is that military officials and police are allegedly behind many illegal fishing activities according to a reliable source from San Fabian’s police official. He further said that one of them is a retired police official who operates 3 fishing boat trawls.  This is harmful to sea creatures since the net dragged by the fishermen’s boat also catch small fishes and destroys corals in areas they pass by.

Because trawling is expensive, some fishermen opt to choose the cheaper alternative and this is by using homemade explosives.  They even take pride in what they are doing that they are willing to teach anyone who wants to learn how to make the bomb.

When asked how to resolve the illegal fishing issue, this is what Mayor Agbayani said; “We need police officers who won’t’ give in to temptations.  We also need resources such as speed boats to halt illegal activities on the sea”.

It appeared that this can be managed well since this has been proven in 2013 when Philippine Navy was tasked to patrol the coastline. And illegal fishers only started resuming business when the Philippine Navy stopped patrolling.

With the international campaign to protect the sea and its creatures, it’s about time that everyone must take their stand in doing their part to protect our marine resources. And it showed that Mayor Agbayani already chose which side he is on.