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eharmony the king of the online dating

world the queen of online dating apps

the gold standard by which all other

online dating apps are measured

or at least that’s what they claim

coming up in our eharmony review we’re

going to get to the bottom of

all of this stay tuned if you want to

find out if the eharmony dating app is

the right fit for you or not

what’s going on guys and gals my name is

jason with

and today we’re going to be doing a

review of the online dating app

eharmony now before we get started a

couple quick pieces of housekeeping

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ado let’s get into our eharmony review

that was a pretty great rhyme well today

we’re going to be looking at five

different factors to try and help you

decide if the eharmony dating app is the

right fit for you

first we’re going to be looking at the

quality of the members and then after

that we’re going to take a look at the

features and how easy the site or the


are to use then we’re going to look at

the cost after that we’re going to

answer the million dollar question

is he harmony worth it and we’re going

to conclude by looking at the free trial

now i highly recommend uh that if you’ve

got the time

watch this review all the way through

because we’re going to talk about some

pretty interesting stuff

and we’re going to have a good time so i

would love for you to join me with the

whole thing but

if you’re looking for something specific

i’m going to go ahead and put the

timestamps up here for each one of those

different sections so

if you need to go ahead and fast forward

and you just want to see that specific


you can go right ahead and do that the

first thing i want to talk about today

is the quality of the members on the

eharmony dating app right

because if you join any dating site and

there’s no one there that you’re

interested in

or the people that are there are looking

for something different than you

then it doesn’t matter how great that

dating site is it’s going to be

worthless to you

so what are people like on eharmony well

um the majority of the people on

eharmony are looking for a serious or

committed relationship

now don’t take that too far and think

that everyone’s a bridezilla that’s

looking to get married yesterday or that

if you’re not ready to commit on day one

then they’re not interested in talking

to you that’s not what it’s like all it

is is it’s people that

they’re not looking for casual dating

they’re not looking for casual hooking

up or anything like that they’re looking

to build

meaningful connections that could

eventually develop into a serious

relationship potentially marriage things

like that

down the road so you know if that’s what

you’re looking for you’re going to love

eharmony you’re going to find the

members fantastic

but if you’re looking for casual dating

or hooking up not going to be the right

fit for you

eHarmony Statistics

eharmony also provides us with some very

helpful statistics to kind of

let us know some of their success rate

and things like that

the first one is over 2 million people

have found love on the site and i like

to share that because i think that’s a

fantastic testament

to um to the quality of the members

there because

if they were low quality you wouldn’t be

having people claiming that they are

finding love and finding these

meaningful connections

what does that break down to well

eharmony goes a step further and says


every 14 minutes somebody on the site

finds love now from my personal

experience and from some of the

experiences of some of the members of

our team

the quality of the members the actual

quality of the members on eharmony is

really high

what you’re gonna find is a lot of

people who are committed to the process

uh they’re not gonna be flaky they’re

not looking to play games

um and you know they’re they’re really

just looking to find that meaningful

connection and you know

for me that is that that is what makes a

quality dating site member

now how is eharmony able to get so many


high quality members well i think it

comes down to three things that

the site does right number one is the

signup process and we’ll talk about this

a bit more in the features section but

the signup process for eharmony is

fairly extensive and while this might

take you a little bit longer to get

signed up

what it does is it weeds out the people

who are not serious about investing some

time and committing to the process right

and that’s definitely a win

in the quality column number two is the

pricing eharmony is definitely more

expensive than some of the other online

dating sites out there and

while that might sound like a negative i

personally think it’s actually a

positive because

the more invested people are in the

process financially

the more they’re going to invest their

time and the more serious they’re going

to take it right because if an online

dating site costs you

25 cents a month well you know if you

happen to skip out on checking your

messages or anything like that or

responding to people

you’re not really going to care that

much but if you’re a little bit more

invested in it you’re going to take the

process more seriously

and the third thing that i think your

harmony does right that helps them to

drive quality members

is their marketing message right all of


commercials and ads and everything like

that is targeted at people who are


for a little more they’re looking for

that serious

uh committed relationship right you’re

not going to see harmony out there

running commercials for

uh trying to find people who want to

hook up are you tired of commitment

just looking to hook up well then come

give me harmony a try

sorry about that that was uh that was a

little terrifying in all seriousness the

quality of the members at

harmony is incredible it’s actually

probably the biggest positive of the

site and

with a site that has so many things

going for it that’s a pretty big


eHarmony Features

what i’d like to share with you now is

my absolute favorite part of the

eharmony review

and the reason that this is my favorite

part is because this is where eharmony

really starts to separate itself from

the rest of the competition and what i’m

talking about are

the features eharmony has got a laundry

list of great features that are all

specifically laser targeted helping you

find that special someone now

what i’m going to do today is i’m going

to go through them kind of quickly but

remember if you want to check them out

for yourself

we do have that link to the free trial

down in the comments so you can get in


check all this out for yourself but

today what i’m going to do is i’m just

going to touch on

a lot of my favorites i even created a

list here so that i make sure that i

don’t miss anything important that i

want to share with you so you can make a

better decision about whether or not

eharmony is the right app for you

so the first feature that i’m a absolute

huge fan of

is the matching algorithm right this is

the the crux

of what makes eharmony what it is it’s

uh it’s what the site has been pushing


multiple decades now as to why you

should choose them over another online

dating site

and basically when you create your


at eharmony there is an extensive signup

process usually takes

40 to 45 minutes and if you don’t want

to do it right the beginning you can

actually skip through it

and come back and do it later so don’t

worry about that right now if that’s uh

if you don’t have that time you can

create your account

with the free trial link and then you

can come back and do it later but what

eharmony does is they take that

information and then they take the

information from all the other singles

uh all over your city state country the


and they run it through their computer

system and it spits out

matches that they think you’re going to

be compatible with now

are they good at it well uh let’s look

at some statistics that we talked about


two million people have found love on

eharmony every 14 minutes

somebody finds levani harmony so i would

say they’re probably

pretty good at it right and you know for

me that that would be enough of a

selling point

right there to try eharmony so

the second feature is a really

interesting one because uh when i used

eharmony it was something that i thought

that i was absolutely going to hate

however however you after using it it

ended up being something that i thought

was extremely helpful and one of the

best features they have

and what i’m talking about is guided

communication right so other online

dating apps

you log in you create your profile and

then you are

free to run a muck and send a million


and do whatever you want uh to try and

eHarmony Guided Communication

kind of meet someone and and for me that

that’s kind of like you know what it’s

like going into a bar you got to figure

out or anywhere else

you mean singles go who am i going to

talk to what am i going to do next right

and you can kind of almost get lost in

that process well

what eharmony does is they do a much


process called guided communication and

basically what they do is they kind of

drip feed you

matches and they have a really

really laser-focused formulated system

to help you

uh walk through getting to know that

person and build that connection and

um i was kind of impatient when i first

started with online dating and so i was


oh this is gonna be terrible right you

know they’re going to slow this down i

want to speed it up well

what it ended up doing is ended up

teaching me how to be patient and also

how to form more functional

relationships with people so

i think you’re going to end up really

liking this

as well the third feature that’s

actually a brand new feature that

eharmony just recently added is their

video chat feature

obviously we all know the world is a

completely different place

uh now than it was recently and a lot of

people now are turning to video dating


to kind of uh you know get go through

their first dates and things like that


in the past you had to use something

like zoom or

facetime or anything like that and you

had to give out some of your contact

information well now

eharmony has a video chat feature


embedded into the product so you don’t

have to give away any of that personal


information or contact information until

you’re ready to so

uh that to me is a pretty awesome

feature and it’s also a great sign to


eharmony is continuing to innovate and

they didn’t just take a set it and

forget it

mentality the next feature is the what


feature right what this is is this is


tenderesque swipe like feature it


will showcase a few people to you every

day and give you some great information

about them

and kind of let you decide am i

interested in this person or not

and as opposed to tinder where it’s very

image driven and it’s like you know

oh do i think this person’s hot or not

you know um

this is more focused on the content of

who you are uh

in your character and what makes you who

you are so they give a lot more of

details and things like that and so

you’re making decisions based off of

the whole person concept instead of just

off of looking at a few pictures so

that is a pretty awesome feature as well

and the last feature i want to just

touch on real briefly is the free


weekend this is obviously something

you’ve probably heard of where

uh and basically just real quick what it

is eharmony every now and then randomly

not really on any sort of a schedule

will allow people to have the whole

weekend to communicate for free

so what i encourage you doing is to do

is even if you are not thinking about

purchasing a premium membership or

you’re not sure yet

hit that free trial link and go ahead

and just at least fill out your


create your profile and then what

that’ll do is that’ll also put you on

eharmony’s mailing list

and so whenever they do have a free

communication weekend

you’ll get an email and then instead of

spending the whole weekend putting your

profile together like everyone else and

then only getting a few hours to chat

with other people

you’re going to be able to jump right

into that process right away so

overall features on e-harmony again this

is where

they separate themselves as a cut above

the rest

all the features are all if you just

come with every membership it’s not

nickel and dimed and really it’s just

i highly encourage you to check it out

for yourself because i think you’re

going to really like what they’ve put


eHarmony Pricing

so now let’s talk price what is it going

to cost to get an upgraded

premium uh eharmony membership right and

if you’ve heard people talk about

e-harmony before

you’ve probably heard a lot of people

say oh it’s really expensive

and things like that which may have been

kind of a turn-off for you but

as we did talk about earlier there are

some perks that come with higher-priced


and the biggest of those being the

quality of the members and how dedicated

those members are to the process so

um you know even if we did classify

e-harmony as expensive

uh we wouldn’t see that as a big

negative now how much does e-harmony

cost well

obviously the price of an online dating

app is always going to change

and youtube videos are forever so what

we’ve done to give you the most


exact dollar price for your harmony is

we’ve included a link in the comments

below to our cost page where

we’re going to break down the exact cost

and our team is updating that extremely

regularly so that you know exactly what

it’s going to cost for membership

so how does pricing work at eharmony and

is it expensive well

the way harmony works is very similar to

a lot of other online dating apps where

you purchase a

subscription and you can usually

purchase that in different increments of

like one month three months six months

uh 12 months and sometimes they even run

a two-year promotion which

we’re not going to recommend because we

hope it doesn’t take you two years to

find that special someone

but the way it works is the longer term

that you choose

the uh the more you’re going to save on

your per month price

eharmony also has some payment plans and

stuff where you can kind of break down

the cost

in the past it was you paid all up front

that was it but they’ve they’ve kind of

morphed that now to where you can

actually break that down into two three

or four different payments now compared


other online dating sites eharmony is


more expensive um and again as we said

we think that’s potentially a good thing

as long as it fits within your budget


uh we don’t think that it’s so expensive

that it’s not affordable for a lot of


um you know and again we also think that

if you’re really serious about looking

for love and you’re trying to find

someone special

to spend a significant portion of your

time with or potentially the rest of

your life with

that’s probably worth tossing a few

bucks behind it

it’s million dollar question time is

eharmony worth it and

it’s my personal opinion and it’s an

opinion shared by

a lot of the members of our team as well

as two million other plus people out

there who have already found love

through eharmony that yes

100 e-harmony is absolutely worth every


if you’re serious about finding love and

you’re serious about

finding that special someone then

eharmony is absolutely going to be worth

it for you if you’re looking for hookups

or casual dating

definitely not going to be worth it for

you but you know when you put it all

together you’ve got

high quality members who are not going

to be flaky who are serious about the


the process you’ve got incredible

features that are

completely designed just to help you

find that special someone

um you know and you put all that

together and

you know you tack on a 20 plus year

track record of success and you’ve got

an incredible

online dating app that truly is the gold

standard for online dating

the last thing i want to talk about

today to bring this eharmony review full


is the free trial if you’re interested

in checking out eharmony for yourself


i highly recommend that you do that

we’ve included a link in the comments


to set you up with a free trial account

now what are you going to get with this

free trial account

quite a few things so first of all

you’re going to be able to set your

profile up you’re going to be able to

fill in all the great information about


upload your pictures and you’re also

going to be able to take the eharmony

questionnaire which is that

uh 30 to 45 minute analysis

that the uh the algorithm uses to match

you with singles all over the place so

that’s something you’re going to get

through this free trial additionally if

there are any free communication

weekends that pop up

you’re going to get access to those as

well and you’re not gonna be sitting


the first half of the weekend trying to

figure out how to write your dating

profile because you’re already

going to have it done additionally

eharmony also offers several discounts

to people that are free trial holders

and they don’t publicize those discounts

but once you’ve created your free trial

they’re going to send those to you so i

highly recommend click that link below

and go ahead and give the eharmony free

trial a shot

well that concludes our hugh harmony

review i really want to thank you for

taking a few minutes

to hang out with me today if you liked

what you saw

we put a lot of work into this and you

know we’re really dedicated to this

process so if you liked it

hit that thumbs up button smash that

subscribe button

and just you know and and show us some

love we’d really appreciate that again

my name is jason with have an awesome day

and i hope you find what you’re looking


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