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hey welcome to online for love your resource for online dating by thenumbers.

i’m amy your certified online datingexpert and today we’re going to betalking about and reviewingthe og dating website eharmony and i’mgoing to answer the questionis it worth iteharmony is the classic dating websitethat’s now an appas well and it stands out from itscompetitors the likes of tinder bumblein the rest byoffering a pretty unique experience solet’s just get into some of the factsabout eharmonylet’s start with the harmony successrate so 69of men of course is 69 and 71of women actually found their perfecteHarmony Statsmatch within just one year of usingeharmonyi was so surprised to hear this and itactually makes me wonder about thesuccess rate of the newer dating appsbecausewe all know that people stay scrollingfor years on some of thoseeharmony creates up to 15 millionmatches per day and what’s really crazyis thatfour percent of the marriages that’seight four percent of the marriages inthe united stateswere created starting with e-harmonywhich is justcraziness that’s about 438 marriages perday within the u.s and 13 000 marriagesper month and 150 000 marriages per yearaboutall through eharmony keep in mind thoughthe divorce rateis just below four percent one of themajor differences betweeneharmony and the other popular currentdating apps is itsprice tag so it’s kind of impossiblereally to do much ofanything on eharmony without paying fora premium account you can’t even seepeople’s pictures unless you pay for ityou can do a free trial but that onlylasts a few days so you have threeeHarmony Priceoptions when you want to choose apremium account oneharmony and all of them require someform of long-term commitment ironicallyyou can get their premiumlight plan that lasts for six months atseventeen dollars and ninety cents amonthalternatively you can get their premiumplus plan that lasts for 12 months ateleven dollars and ninety cents a monthandthis one’s interesting because if youchoose this plan andif you sign up for it within a littleover a day of signing up for the websiteitselfthen you can get your first month 50 offthatonly applies to the premium plus planthough the last premium plan thateharmony offers is the premiumextra plan the premium extra plan laststhe longest 24 months at 7.90a month this is honestly a great deal ifyou plan to use the site long term ifyou want to meet a lot of people go onvarying dates or just want to take yourtime finding the person you want to loveit’s the cheapest out of the others permonth soif you’re serious about dating maybethis would be a good option for you tofind out the most up-to-date pricing youshould definitely check out the articlelinked belowon the online for love website that hasthe most up-to-date information it’salways being updated it’s so helpfulso what do these three premiummemberships on e-harmony actually offeryouwell between the three there’s actuallyno differences they offer the same exactthingfor each premium plan that you wouldchoose the only differencebeing the amount of time that you wouldhave the plan for as little as sixmonthsup to a year so these are the thingsthat you get when you become a premiummember for eharmonyyou can view an unlimited amount ofphotos from all your potential datesyou have unlimited messaging you can seewho’s viewed youyou can do distance search and you getyour own detailed personality profileunlike some other dating apps andwebsites i think that in order to getthe full potential out of eharmonyyou kind of do have to pay for premiummembership i’m not sure that it’s worthit otherwisebut it can be totally worth itespecially if you’re a specific type ofpersonwe’re looking for specific things thatwe’re going to get into later in thevideobefore we continue though i just want togive you a quick reminder to thumbs upthis video if you’re enjoying itand hit the subscribe button and ringthe bell if you want to see more contentfrom usanother thing that really sets eharmonyeHarmony Ease of Useapart from the rest of the dating appsand everythingis their super user-friendly app andwebsite they’re bothso easy to navigate and e-harmony is abehemothof of a company of an internet datingwebsite i mean they’ve been around forso longand they were also first around as awebsite before they ever introducedtheir app which actually really helpedthem because nowit’s like so seamless and easy and userfriendlyjust the fact that they even have awebsite and an app is a huge advantagebecause most dating apps are just thatthey’re just apps and that’s itbut eharmony makes it really easy tofind love on any platform that youprefer it’s really easy to scrollthrough your matches set up your profilechat to people on your phone on youripad on your laptopwherever that’s something i reallyappreciate about the website and appeharmony it takes the adjustment periodout ofonline dating when it comes to learninghow to use the online dating apps andwebsites it just makes it that mucheasier and one less thing you have toworry about when dating onlineof course with any app or anything onthe internet at allthere can be glitches and i actuallyencountered one let me know if this hashappened to you toobut actually when i went to sign up formy premium membershipon my app on my phone when i went tosign up for it it was way more expensivefor some reason than it wason the website on the computer insteadof being seven dollars and ninety centsper monthup to seventeen dollars and ninety centsa month which is the price on thecomputeron the app the price was from 20.83a month up to 41.66 a month that’s whatit was showing me on my appi have no idea why it’s so much moreexpensive on the phone so this justseems to be a bug but just be carefulwhen you’re signing upand make sure to maybe do it on thewebsite instead of the appjust in case so now let’s talk about theeHarmony User Demographicstype of people that you’re going to meetand see when on eharmonyso eharmony is definitely geared moretowardsmaybe a slightly older but more seriouscrowd who’s really looking fora long-term relationship they’re lookingfor something seriousi already mentioned earlier how manymatches and marriages and relationshipswere started through e-harmony andthere’s a reason why so many people goto this siteand have success with it eharmony has acomprehensive unique matching systemthat their creators spent yearsdeveloping testing and perfectingagain this is one of the biggest andmost successful dating website out thereand they’ve had plenty of time toperfect what they’re doing i mean ican’t be the only one who remembersthose eharmony commercials they probablystill play them buti have vivid remember i have a vividmemory of sitting from the couch likeeating pretzels and then an e-harmonycommercial would come on and they’dalways play that song by natalie cole umthis would be an everlasting love and itwas just so happyso the point being that they’ve beenaround for so long and they know whatthey’re doingpeople on eharmony are looking for thereal deal the site isn’t really used asa hookup app andpeople in there put a lot of thoughtinto their messages into their profilesintowhat they’re actually looking for ingeneral they’re willing to pay a premiumfor their memberships because they knowthat eharmony is a really safe bet onfinding them loveeHarmony Sign-up Processwhen you sign up for eharmony you gothrough so many questions about yourpersonalityyour values your tastes and general infoabout you it actually takesquite a while to sign up reharmonybecause there’s so many questionnairesthat they have for youthis is all totally worth it thoughbecause after you’ve answered all thedetailed questionseharmony actually compiles your data andpresents you with your very ownpersonality analysis that helps you findyour perfect matchthe personality profile that you getfrom eharmony analyzes the fundamentalsof your personalityhow you behave in a relationship youreveryday life and your style ofcommunication you even get a littlesummary of all your traits and the kindof person you are it’s actually superinteresting and really helpful to seehow your mind works and what your datingstyleis using this data along with answers toquestions that you can choose to answerfurther if you want to that allows youharmony to match you with someone who’sreally compatible with you as a personyou can also actually change yourpreferences for your matchesso you can look for people who arewithin a specific age rangeor who are specific height whether ornot they smoke have kidswant kids you can even search based onreligion ethnicityincome and education which really i meanif these things are important to you anyof them and you’re looking for somebodywith those specific attributes then thisjust saves your timeand other people’s time because it justeliminates people who aren’t going tofit you anywayunlike a dating app like tinder forexample that’s based almost entirely onlookseharmony is really more about deeperconnections and finding people who fityour personality and lifestylewhich is why you often find that peoplewho use eharmony and sites like itend up in long-term relationships moreeHarmony Pros & Consoften so to wrap this all up let’squickly go over all the pros and cons ofeharmonystarting with the cons and encounteringwith the pros the first con is thatit’s expensive you just can’t get aroundthat i meanso many other apps are free or you getsome features at least with them but ifeel like personallyeharmony is almost kind of uselessunless you pay for premium soyou are going to pay to find your lovehowever the pro for this is that yeseven though you’re gonna be spendingmoneyyou can be more sure with eharmony maybethanmost other dating sites that you’regoing to eventually find what you’relooking foreharmony works it has a fantasticsuccess rate and the type of people onthere the user interfacethe interface user interface thealgorithms everythingit’s just developed in a way that’s kindof unrivaled for finding long-termcommitted relationshipsso most likely you will find what you’relooking for even though you have to payfor it the second con is that admittedlyit does takeforever to sign up for e-harmony and ifeel like this probably putsa good amount of people off from evereven finishing signing up just becauseit’s taking so longand it’s so tedious the pro to this isthat by requiringeverybody to go through all thesequestions you’re actually making peoplethink deeper about what they wantand i think that ultimately helps outeverybody on the site onceyou know you’ve kind of already sortedthrough these questions that maybe youwouldn’t have even thought aboutotherwise i mean you’re thinkingcritically about some lifestyle choicesand what you’re looking for and whatyou want and don’t want from people andi think it just puts you on a good pagewhen you’re starting out on a datingwebsite like thisif you forgo these questions or makethem optional so many people just won’tdo themand it just makes it harder for peopleto find their perfect matchthirdly there is that weird bug thatmakes it so it’s way more expensiveon the app than it is on the website sothat’s something weird but it’simpossible to not have bugs when you’redealing with appsand websites i mean it happens i don’thave a pro to counter itbesides usually pretty quick aboutsorting out their bugs sothe question remains is harmony worth itwell yeah if you’re looking for along-term committed relationship withsomebody seriousthen this is really the website for youit’s not perfect and you’ll have to payfor your happily ever afterbut there’s a good chance that you’llget it the great thing is online forlove actually has all this informationabout eharmony inarticle form so you should totally clickthe link below to find out moreinformationand see more pros and more cons morepersonal experiences and moreparts to eharmony that i’m not evencovering right now what do you think doyou think it’s worth paying a premiummembership for a dating app when so manyof them you don’t have to pay anythingto get a really good experiencedo you think that eharmony is dated andit should stay in the past ormaybe it’s an oldie but a goodie i’mkind of leaning towards that one weshould definitely hash it outin the comments below thank you so muchfor watching this online for love videomake sure to click the link in thedescription to see the full article soyou can get more infoabout eharmony and tons of other datingsites make sure to give this video a bigthumbs up if you liked it and hitsubscribe if you loved itdon’t forget to hit the little bell aswell we’re gonna have tons more videoscovering all sorts of dating appsreviews pros and cons prices everythingso you don’t want to miss it hope to seeyou again[Music]bye

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