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Hotel rates can be ceiling high these days. In fact, one hotel in Geneva costs $83,200 per night. Hence, travellers who are on a tight budget will surely find it a delight if they find a hotel rate that is within their allotted budget. According to statistics, hotel rates are constantly increasing for the past 5 years but this must not stop you from looking for a better price. All you need is to know the trick on how to be on guard for the best offer.

“If you have never booked for a discounted rate, check out for last minute deals. These are often seen on mobile apps than in websites. But these offers are not given during peak season”; Keith Nowak; a Travel Agency director of marketing and communication said.

When booking for your flight, do not use your frequent flier account on the airline company’s website. Often times, this won’t work. After all, they would assume that since you are their regular customer, you would take the offer regardless of the price. It works the same way with hotel bookings. When looking for Cheap hotel in Cardiff for instance, book it using an aggregator’s sites.

Hotels market their services so they throw discounts and favorable offers once in a while. You would be among the first to know about these offers if you subscribe to their email alerts. But often times, these notices get lost in your bulk of emails. It is best that you create a separate envelope on your inbox where all these email alerts are automatically filed. Hence, when you need some information on hotel deals, it will be easier for you to browse them. And the earlier you avail for these offers, the better.

Sometimes, it pays to play safe, especially during peak season. Hence, if the hotel allows refunds for the reservation then reserve for your accommodation but continue looking for better hotel offers.

“You have nothing to lose when you reserve first before you continue shopping for hotel deals”; Neha Parikh, a travel agency general manager and vice president suggested.

If you can’t find the cheapest rate, at least make the most of your stay. Some hotels offer perks or frequent flyer miles to their guests. If you can’t save on your hotel accommodation, at least you can save on your airline ticket for your next travel.

Still, hotels in Asia have the cheapest rates so far. In fact they went down 2% in average. So if you are thinking of going somewhere else, you can visit places like Taipei Hong Kong and Singapore.